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Basketball Toys for Kids- Benefits and Recommendations

Basketball is a game loved by both the adults and the young. Children can not just wait to grow a little more, so they can feel and play like the NBA stars. Even though your child is still young, there are ways you can get them involved in the basics of basketball. There are different types of basketball toys for kids in the market. Some of these are age-appropriate and durable enough.


Basketball is naturally a team sport in which five players play against each other on a rectangular court to shoot a basketball through the defender’s hoop. The hoop is in the form of a diameter mounted 10 feet high to a backboard at each court’s end. Kids do not have to play in a team before they enjoy basketball toys. They can play alone and have the same loads of fun as it is in a group.


Basketball toys go beyond ordinary games as they offer some advantages. Below are some of the great benefits of basketball toys for kids.

Benefits of Basketball Toys for Kids


  • Children develop their social and motor skills by playing with friends and moving around, grabbing the ball, dribbling, and jumping.


  • Playing basketball is good because it develops the muscle faster, and it is a form of a whole-body workout; thereby, keeping the children healthy and fit.


  • Basketball Toys increase the child’s self-esteem and confidence in trying many seemingly strenuous activities out.


  • It improves the child’s agility and flexibility. Basketball involves moving around quickly and dodging. As children become consistent in playing with basketball toys, their walking steps and pace become smarter.


  • Basketball Toys promote teamwork since every member of the team is working towards the same goal of winning. Besides, it is a transferable skill that can be used in the future in situations involving collaboration either at school or the workplace.


  • Basketball toys teach kids endurance and discipline. Trying consistently to play the ball into the hoop helps kids to learn perseverance early in life. Also, knowing that any missed shot could mar the game will teach them the discipline to pay attention to details.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Basketball Toy

If you are getting a basketball toy for your kid soon, you need to consider how suitable the basketball is. Some of the things to consider include durability, stability, height adjustment, the basketball toy location, etc. Below are the necessary criteria to look out for when selecting basketball toys for kids.


Location:​ The location of the toy is as essential as the toy itself. Basketball toys come in different types and sizes, so you have to decide on a suitable site to place them. Outside the house, far from breakable items like cars or near the garden appear perfect.


Safety: After selecting the location, the next thing is to consider the kids or toddlers’ safety in connection to the type of basketball toy you choose. For instance, you need to check the materials, rims, and stability. Toys made of fiberglass and metal can injure a child. At a tender age, plastic basketball toys are most suitable as they will significantly reduce injuries. However, you can change the hoops as they grow.


Height Adjustment:​ If you want a basketball toy that will last a while, it would be best if you put the height adjustment on top of your list. Ensure the height of the basketball toy is adjustable so that you can quickly lower it or increase it to suit your child’s size.

Types of Basketball Toys for Kids

Basketball toys for kids

Plastic Basketball Set


Plastic Basketball Toy is suitable for both indoor and outdoor games. It features an adjustable hoop up to six heights from 2.5 to 4 feet. The toy includes an oversized rim for easy and sleek shooting, along with junior-sized basketballs. For stability, consider filling up the base with sand. This basketball toy is beneficial to children between 18 months and five years old because it develops their social, motor, and coordination skills. Besides, it is made with high-quality plastic materials, reducing the chance of kids getting injured.


Also, the toy helps them develop their self-confidence and self-esteem early in life.

Adjustable Basketball Toy for Kids


The basketball toy is a portable mini basketball hoop with a stand-height set suitable for toddlers who are still refining their motor and coordination skills. The toy comes with a metal rim, ball, and net. It can be placed indoor or outdoor, and you can adjust it to heights ranging from 2 to 4 feet. The base can be filled with sand or water for balance on a flat surface. The toy set contains a durable plastic base and solid metal stand and hoop. The material composition of the toy set is non-toxic and safe for children. It is also powder-coated for additional durability.

basketball toys for kids

Electronic Basketball Hoop


The electronic basketball hoop features a mini sports center for toddlers that include a small basketball hoop. It combines technology with basketball to give kids extra fun. The electronic playset also has a voice control system that responds with sounds and phrases that encourages the child to play more, thus, developing their communication skills. Most electronic basketball toys usually include a built-in LED scoreboard to count the scores. It is quite flexible as you can play it anywhere. The materials are durable and flexible for easy folds when traveling. Electronic basketball is suitable for kids who are just learning basketball. It teaches endurance and discipline.

basketball toys for kids

Youth Basketball Hoop


This basketball toy set is suitable for older children between 5 years and ten years as its height is adjustable from 5.4 feet to 6.7 feet. Kids can have loads of fun and feel like real NBA Stars with this toy set. The toy is made of heavy-duty steel with a hard-plastic backboard and an all-weather nylon net for lasting durability. Its portable design makes it easy to tilt the hoop to any side of the courtyard, and its two wheels allow for easy movement. The game accommodates both the young and adults to have time to connect. You can set it up anywhere in the house.

basketball toys for kids

Indoor Basketball Hoop


Indoor basketball toy is most suitable for toddlers. This toy set minimizes injuries made with high-quality and soft plastic, paperboard, and cotton. It is easy to install and disassemble. The toy comes with a realistic-feel basketball and a pump to fill up air when necessary. The adhesive pad at the board’s back lets you stick the basketball toy anywhere in the house, such as the back of the door or any smooth surface. This game improves children’s agility and helps them refine their coordination skills.

Over The Door Basketball Hoops


Like the name implies, over the door basketball toys are portable hoops that you can mount over the door. They are easy to install and takes no space in the house. It can stay entirely in any kid’s room, but considering its style, which should be high on the door, older kids get an advantage here. Over The Door Basketball Hoops has a wide solid steel rim for an easy shoot and a sturdy ball net for enhanced durability. It is quite flexible as it can be played from anywhere – bed, chair- in the room. Over the door basketball toy is a way to keep kids away to make kids exercise instead of playing video games or watching the television.

basketball toys for kids

Slam-proof Basketball Toy


Strong basketball hoops are made for children, especially older ones, who love to go hard when playing basketball. The toy is made with a shatterproof backboard and protective foam padding that extends to the brackets to minimize shock and impacts. Furthermore, the basketball toy features a durable steel rim that cushions any contact made with it. This way, children can practice all the ground-breaking dunks they see on the television. The toy set can be anywhere in the room, dorms, and offices.

Basketball Toy Sport Centre


This basketball toy set offers more than a basketball hoop. It is a combination of a basketball hoop and a mini football net. It is suitable for toddlers from a year – 5 years old. The toy comes with voice control that motivates the child to keep playing, developing their communication skills. Besides, the toy’s turning gear and buttons will help kids learn to shape and numbers quickly. The basketball toy comes with an animated scoreboard for keeping track of scores.




Basketball is one of the best sports we have as it improves the child’s agility, coordination skills, social and team skills. It also keeps the child fit and improves their health condition. Therefore, investment in basketball toys for kids is an excellent investment for your child’s future. It makes them have fun and develop the necessary skills needed in school and the world.


Before you purchase any basketball hoop, it would be best to consider age, location of the toy, materials, and durability. Some basketball toys are for toddlers, while others are for youth who have little experience with basketball. Regardless, you should select an appropriate basketball toy according to your child’s age, materials, and your house environment.


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