Coding games for kids? It sounds tricky, right?

Indeed, children must get acquainted with technology, which will help them create a better world for us in the future.  Coding is like learning a new language, and it may seem difficult to teach kids. But, coding games for kids, like the ones listed here, have made it more accessible. Acquiring good skills is essential, and not all schools teach a new and brave skill like coding. So, this is where you come in as a parent. Encourage them to take an interest in this technological skill. This is because their generation is likely to use a software-based form of expression in the future.

Keep reading, and let’s get you educated about the benefits of kid’s coding games and the best one to choose.

Why are coding games for kids so necessary?

·         Builds computational thinking

This is more than developing cognitive skills like most games.  Coding helps kids learn how they can use abstractions and identification of specific patterns to represent, organize, analyze, and break down problems. It helps them create solutions to problems and how to execute those solutions. This is a skill that can also become useful in everyday life.

·         Improves creativity

Just like other games, coding games help to develop a child’s creativity. Instead of learning to use technology, children will learn how to create their technology.  Many children already have a natural love for technology. Hence, it will be their natural motivation to create something that will serve them. Their imaginations come to play an important role here as well.

·         Develop Algorithmic thinking

Kids learn how to strategize with formulas and choose the one that best provides solutions to errors. This skill is also very applicable in their everyday life. It involves concepts like sequence, repetitive, and condition logic.

·         Builds Mathematical Skills

Many parents will find this as the most essential benefit of coding for kids. Learning coding develops your child’s mathematical skills by making mathematics more practical. They begin to see mathematics beyond the theory they have been taught in school.  Programming statements may contain mathematical expressions that must be resolved. Kids may not experience this practical approach until they get to higher education levels in science. This can make their love for mathematics grow stronger because they understand it more.


·         Improves Communication Skills

The essentiality of communication in our world today is undebatable. Learning to code helps to improve the ability of kids to communicate complex ideas in simple terms. Kids have to break down complex ideas to make the computer understand. This skill makes it easy for them to be successful in different walks of life.

·         Kids learn collaboration

Coding games connect kids with technology interest together. They learn to ask each other questions and work out problem solutions together. Some coding games offer more of these benefits by connecting kids with their peers all over the world. Then, they work together, irrespective of race or gender.

Top 10 Coding Games for Kids

The games on this list have been carefully selected based on customer reviews. And concerning popular opinion, they will give your kids the best coding experience.

coding games for kids

1.    Fisher- Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot

Here is a very popular choice for kid’s coding games. It is marked top pick on amazon for its popularity.  But, popularity is not the only quality this game has. It offers a colorful coding experience for kids.  It provides three ways to play, which include free coding, learning challenges, and secret codes.  fisher-Price Code n’ Learn Kinderbot comes with a coding robot, some simple machine accessories, and a secret code. The kids decide the robot’s movements and paths through the coding. Kinderbot uses lights and phrases that create a coding challenge to help preschoolers learn shapes, early math concepts, and colors. The kids learn problem-solving skills, which includes how to choose a path for their little pal.

2.    Wonder Workshop Dash

This coding robot is high ranked to give the best interactive experience. It offers kids the fullest interactive and technology surprises. Although this game might require additional devices, it is also easy-to-use. It responds to voice command or downloaded apps.  The free apps help to extend playtime and create more fun. They include Wonder App, Blockly App, Go App, and Path App. You can use the voice command to make Dash Robot sing, draw or move around. Kids will also enjoy transforming dash into a truck or an animal using the LEGO bricks.  This coding game is suitable for kids age six and up. You should check out the list of the compatible device before making a purchase.

coding games for kids

3.    Learning Resources Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

Here is another coding set that helps to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It provides children with the opportunity to learn to program by building the fundamentals of sequencing and programming.  The set contains 30 double-sided coding cards, ten activity cards, a cheese wedge, and an activity guide. You will also find in the package 22 maze walls, 16 maze grids, and three tunnels. This set is suitable for kids age four and up. It also has a mouse that lights up, features two speeds, and makes some sound. There are colorful buttons attached to the coding cards to make programming easier. You may also buy the programmable robot mouse separately to allow multiple players.

4.    Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse

This set is similar to the set mentioned above but without the maze and little functional difference. It should be used with the activity set for more fun. Kids can use the pictures on the coding cards to plan the path. Then, they can program the mouse with its push-button controls to follow their commands. Although the mouse needs 3 AAA batteries to function, it doesn’t come with any. This programmable robot mouse helps kids develop analytical thinking, visual tracking, directional concepts, and 2 to 3D correspondence skills. If you have kids from age four and up, this would be great fun for them.

5.    Elenco Teach Tech “Mech-5”

This is another interesting robotic kit from TEACH TECH that helps kids explore renewable energy and coding! It is a build-it-yourself robot that teaches children the fundamentals of coding. This Mech-5 robot is a developed kid’s understanding of mechanical engineering principles as well as coding. The robot comes in pieces that kids have to assemble. Then, to make it move, they just need to snap the code button to the coding wheel. The robot can move back and forth and also rotate to 360 degrees.  Mech-5 can make more complex moves like throwing, lifting, or kicking.  The robot is powered by wind, water, or sunlight. You don’t need to worry about getting batteries.

coding games for kids

6.    Learning Resources Botley Coding Robot.

Unlike the Learning Resources coding Mouse, this one comes with its activity set. Botley is packaged in the box to be ready to use on arrival. There are 45 pieces in the set, including detachable robot arms, 42 coding cards, and a remote programmer. It is screen-free and doesn’t require any computing device or phones. Botley set also comes with 5 AAA batteries, whereas the robot only needs three batteries, and the remaining two will be for the remote programmer. You can help the toy grow with the kid by purchasing the advanced version when they grow for more fun. You can code Botley up for 80 steps with 40 more to find out. Botley coding robot is suitable for kids from age five and up.

7.    Bits & Bytes Coding Game for Kids

Bits and Bytes is a fascinating coding game for kids. It is easy to play with and suitable for kids from age 4 to 9years old. It doesn’t require phones or tablets but is simply a card game that develops children’s algorithm skills. The cards are durable enough to withstand all forms of wear and tear for a long period. It requires a minimum of two players, and this can improve their social skills. This coding set has cards with vibrant characters that enhance their computational thinking and problem-solving skills. It is fun, educative, and creative.


8.    ThinkFun Hacker Cybersecurity Coding Game

This ThinkFun Hacker cybersecurity game is recommended for kids age ten and up. Here kids get to save cyberspace from crime. They are hackers, coders, and security engineers. This coding game for kids was created by the inventor of On the Brink and Code Master.  It comes with about 129 challenges with difficulties that keep increasing to keep kids interested.  The game comes with a game grid, challenge booklet, control panel, nine movement tiles, 13 resolving tiles, and five double-sided transaction tiles. You will also find in package 3 data file tokens, two exit point tokens, two lock tokens, a transaction link token, virus token, alarm token, and solution booklet.  The instructions are self-explanatory and easy to understand.

Coding games for kids are one of the faster ways to increase their love for technology.  It helps them build up skills that will enhance their creativity and zeal to build their technology.


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