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Exclusive Fun Horse Toys For Kids

Horse toys give kids the chance to have a life-like experience of what it feels like to have real horses around. On top of that, horse toys are suitable for their mental health.


Moreso, horse toys enhance the development of the brain and train them how to maintain balance. It builds muscle strength, gross motor skills, coordination and serves as a perfect childhood companion for your kids. Most of these toys are gender-neutral. That makes it ideal for boys and girls to make the most of them.


Without further ado, here is a list of horse toys for kids you should try out today.

horse toys

JOYIN Unicorn Bouncy Horse Plush Kids Ride On Toy

The JOYIN-manufactured horse toy gives kids the chance to have a childhood companion. The toy helps strengthen their muscles and train them on how to maintain balance. Also, it enhances the development of the brain.


One thing parents should know is that horse toys allow kids to learn shape recognition, sports, and life skills. While having a nice time. Think of the toy as killing two birds with a single stone. With the horse toy, your kids can have fun and keep up a few things that will help them in personal development.


The horse toy comes with a colorful mane and tail. The entire toy comes with beautiful designs that ensure that the toy is attractive for kids. It is considered suitable for toddlers or kids over 36 months.


Furthermore, the horse toy is perfect for outdoor/ indoor activities, parties, classrooms, and many more. The horse toy can be a great addition to the collection of your kids’ toys. It will also look great in a preschool or playroom. Perfect gift for Christmas and birthdays.


The horse toy is of non-toxic material àná is considered safe to have around kids. It met all the required standards of US toy and safety tests approved. It comes with four sturdy legs which prevent your child from falling off.


Additionally, the horse toy is easy to set up. All you need to get started is to:

  • Take out the inserted white plug from the hole on the belly.
  • Then insert the tip of the pump and inflate the horse toy’s hopper to the proper size.
  • Make sure the white plug is replaced quickly.

Haktoys Walk Along with Horse with Remote Control Leash

Haktoys-manufactured horse toy is the perfect companion for your kid. It comes with a remote control that enables the toy to walk, neigh, and shake the body. On top of that, the toy can play nine different child-friendly songs. It has a wiggly movement that syncs with these child-friendly songs. The brown-colored horse toy has a beautiful and realistic design.


The horse toy has a thirty-inch long leash and power on/off switch. To change the song, all you need to do is switch off and then on till you find the song you like. It requires 3 X 1.5V ‘AA’ batteries. These batteries are not in the package. You can locate the battery compartment beneath the horse covered by a closure. There’s an on/off switch beside the battery compartment.


The Haktoys product is of high-quality and non-toxic materials. And that makes it safe to have around your kids. Apart from that, the toy is sturdy, durable, and stands the test of time. It is recommended for kids between ages three upwards.

horse toys

iPlay, iLearn Bouncy Pals Brown Hopping Horse

The horse toy on the list is by iPlay iLearn. It fosters active play in kids and helps them develop gross motor skills. Also, it increases body balance and muscle strength.


Anyone can easily find their way around the horse toy. The zipper design makes it easy to clean and remove the cover without any hassle. You can wash the toy with both hands and the washing machine. It is gender-neutral. That makes it perfect for boys and girls between 18 months to 12 years.


It comes with a double-action hand that makes its way to inflate the toy within 5 minutes.  You can present the horse toy as a gift during Christmas and birthdays. It comes with a soft push cloth that brings no friction to kids. The horse toy is of high-quality and safe material. That makes it safe to have around your kids. It is durable and soft to touch.

SCHLEICH Horse Club, Animal Figurine, Horse Toys for Girls and Boys

SCHLEICH, a German manufacturer of kid’s toys, has been at it for 85 years, maintaining the highest standard of top-quality and safe toys. Like their other products, the horse toy is safe to have around your kids. It is durable, sturdy, and stands the test of time.


SCHLEICH product has authentic details and precision that ensures that the horse toy is like the real deal. The toy oozes value in every detail, right from the first sketch to the intricate finishing touches. Moreso, the horse toy helps kids maintain healthy imaginative play.

horse toys

Brown Walking Pony

WANGLIANJIN-manufactured horse toys are perfect for a kid’s sensory development and the coordination of physical functions. It has fine workmanship, is healthy, and is safe to have around your kids. A recommended choice for kids between age three upwards.


The horse toy is made of high-quality shirt plush cotton. The production materials make the stuffed plush horse soft and comfortable. It makes real horse calls and horseshoe sounds. The toy can twist buttocks and it has a leash design pony. With that said, the wiggly movements are synchronized with the music.  A perfect choice for kids between ages 3 upwards.


The pony toy can play with a toddler. It is movable and considered the best companion for baby growth. It can enlighten your baby’s intelligence. You can present it as a gift during Christmas, festivals, school events, and birthdays.  It requires 3 AA batteries.

horse toys

Melissa & Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable

The horse toy is manufactured by Melissa & Doug, the creator of beautifully designed imaginations. It comes with 8 different beautiful horses. The toy has a wooden take-along stable and a breed guide.


It is suitable for kids between ages 3 upwards. The horse stable is made of high-quality materials. It is durably constructed. The write-on name tag feature allows kids to write their names on each horse. They can also label the stall.

horse toys

Mattel Spirit Untamed Nuzzle & Play Lucky Doll

Mattel-manufactured horse toy is inspired by a moment in a movie, where the spirit, and lucky bond hug. Suitable choice for kids between age 3 upwards.


The Lucky Doll comes with seven movable joints. Your kids can easily hug and pose with spirits. Not just that, they can also play out the moment in the movie.  Lucky Doll is dressed in a cute fabric top, molded riding pants, and her mother’s iconic riding boots.


In addition, the toy has a grooming brush and an apple treat for snacking. It is suitable for gifts during Christmas and birthdays.

Radio Flyer Chestnut Plush Interactive Riding Horse

Radio Flyer, the manufacturer of the horse toy has been creating smiles and warm memories for kids since 1917. The horse toy has three levels of riding namely walking, galloping, and trotting. These levels trigger the response to your kid’s motion with a life-like sound. The horse toy allows kids to enjoy groomed and imaginative play. It comes with a plush coat and padded head that makes the horse toy soft to touch.


Perfect choice for kids between ages 2 to 6.  When you decide on the horse toy, accessories like a comb, bandana, and carrot come with the package.

horse toys

Breyer Horses Mane Beauty Horse Styling Head

The Breyer-manufactured horse toy is the last on the list. It is a bit different from the horse toys above.


The toy has two things girls love, horses and hair play. It comes with a very long, thick, silky, and non-tangled black mane. That allows girls to have endless fun braiding and style playing.


It has a stylishly designed instruction book to guide you on different braids and styles.


Apart from that, it comes with wearable/shareable hair clips and coils. When you decide on the horse toy, you will have access to included packages like:

  • 1 X mane comb
  • 4 X mane coils
  • 59 elastics
  • 2 X mane hair clips

Conclusion – What Makes A Horse Toy Good?

I believe you will agree that horse toys cater to a child’s developmental needs. It helps them build up a better personality. And the best part about these is that they do not exempt any age group. It’s suitable for kids between the ages of 3 to 12.


With that said, here are some of the things that make a horse toy ideal.


  • Horse toys must be durable, sturdy, and well-built.
  • It should entertain, educate, and cater to developmental needs.
  • Horse toys should challenge kids and not frustrate them.
  • It must encourage active play and allow kids to tap into their imagination.





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