Top 7 Floor Puzzles For Toddlers In 2021

Puzzles are one of the games that strengthen fine motor skills. As children grow old, they apply the knowledge gained in schools. This exposes them to shape recognition that requires precise focus. Did you know? Floor puzzles for toddlers, among others, are suitable for kids between two years and above.

Puzzles can teach your kids so much about the world. They can be fantastic for language development, mathematical skills, and even build children’s relationships. Besides, when they play with their colleagues, it fosters collaborative skills. For example, choosing the puzzle from the floor and returning to the right place.

However, for toddlers, puzzles are an excellent way for cognitive development. You can also use puzzles to get your children away from modern technology. With this, they’ll learn, think, and grow beyond your expectations. In fact, some puzzles can explore the way animals are interpreted through art.

Are you among the category of parents that says some children are dullard? Well, if you are, today, you’ll understand how you get the concept wrong. Always know that no child is born to be a dullard. Childhood training, puzzles, and other learning tools could contribute to what makes your child brilliant.

Now, to further activate your children’s learning process, there’s a need to know more about floor puzzles for toddlers. In this article, we’ve discovered the best floor puzzles for toddlers. Also, we are keen to share with you why floor puzzles for toddlers are essential in this 21st century. What are they? Read further.

floor puzzles for toddlers

Why Are Floor Puzzles Good For Toddlers?

Psychologists have claimed that puzzles influence children’s brains in a significant way. When they act or manipulate the world around them, they learn using the key opportunity. But why are puzzles considered helpful to a child? To know the significant reasons, check the content below to understand why it is essential.

  • Puzzles build hand-eye coordination and allow your kids do manipulation accordingly
  • It provides an opportunity for children to develop fine motor skills
  • As a child looks at various pieces, they develop problem-solving skills
  • For young children, puzzles help them recognize, and sort shapes
  • Children can set small goals with the help of floor puzzles
  • The floor puzzles are suitable for children to learn how to be patience
  • With the use of floor puzzles, children understand the world around them

Best Tips To Picking Floor Puzzles For Toddlers

Do you have a hard time picking puzzles for your kids? Worry less, as you’re on the right platform. Puzzles are great indoor activities that require a proper search to buy the best one in today’s marketplace. On the other hand, buying the right one may be quite challenging. Here’s a simple trick to make it easy.

●        Consider Your Budget – Budget is one of the first things to consider when buying puzzles for your kids. Moreover, you should ask yourself specific questions. For example, how much do you want to spend? What kind of floor puzzles do you intend to buy? This means you need to decide on what product to buy.

●        Pick Puzzles That Talk About Memories – If you’d love to engage your kids, buy the puzzles that talk about memories. This way, your children will be excited to play the game. By doing this often, kids learn different skills while playing with the puzzles at all times.

●        Select Interactive Puzzle Images – The floor puzzle images can make your children happy most times. Looking at the picture can be catchy, thereby building the joy into your kid’s day. Meanwhile, select flower-theme puzzles. For example, waterfalls puzzle puzzles of beaches, many others.

●        Pick a Puzzle That Celebrates Sports – Whenever your family or children cheers on a particular sports team, pick a puzzle to show your team spirit. Select from local sports/foreign teams, including Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, and many more.

●        Pick Your Children Passion In Mind – Picking your children’s passion in mind also contributes to buying the right puzzles. What are your kid’s hobbies? You may find it difficult to know, but when you spend time with them, you’ll find a floor puzzle that matches their passion.

●        Check Product’s Manufacturer – If you’re sure of the brand or manufacturer, you don’t need to buy the puzzle. Some manufacturers produce a high-quality floor puzzle while others may not. To curb this problem, we’ll recommend you to check the ones we compiled in this article.

●        Go For Educational Floor Puzzles – Since you’ll love your children to learn fast, getting an educational floor puzzle is essential. Therefore, before purchasing the puzzle, look at the benefits your children learn in the long run. For instance, sort all the pieces, and check if it’s going to be educational.

Signs Of Intelligence In Toddlers

There are several ways to know whether or not your child is improving while playing with puzzles. These signs of intelligence allow you know if your child is improving. Not only that, but you can also see whether you buy the right floor puzzles for the kids. Below are the various signs of intelligence in kids.

  • They are always eager to learn new things
  • Quick learning after experiencing the floor puzzle type
  • They build and arrange the floor puzzles in creative ways
  • Early reading and advanced reasoning skills
  • They develop lots of curiosity while playing the floor puzzles
  • Children have a talent for creating puzzles or pattern
  • They embrace change or new methods of playing with the puzzles

How Does Floor Puzzles For Toddlers Help Development?

It’s no doubt that a puzzle is a great way to help your children’s brain function well. So, when your kids focus more, they learn different skills that help development. Using the floor puzzles allows your kids to have a sense of achievement, concentration, patient, and many other skills in the future.

Top 7 Floor Puzzles For Toddlers

As said earlier, there are many products to choose from in today’s marketplace. While we have stated the right ways to select them, we will walk you through the best. Every parent would love to have an excellent puzzle for their kid; that’s why these products stand out among others. Below are the best floor puzzles.

floor puzzles for toddlers

1.       KIPPTO Toddler Wooden Puzzles

The KIPPTO toddler wooden puzzles are suitable for kids between the age of two years and above. This product brings a new dimension of creativity to enable your kids to learn fast. Also, it promotes cognitive, imagination, and hand-eye coordination skills. It is a concrete floor puzzle that comes with bright colors.

2.       Petit Collage Floor Puzzle

The Petit collage floor puzzle is the right gift item for kids. Moreover, it is a sustainable puzzle that’s built with strong materials to foster open-ended play. It is suitable for kids between two years and above. Additionally, it comes with a storage bag that safely keeps the puzzle for a long time.

floor puzzles for toddlers

3.       Jumbo Floor Puzzle For Toddlers

The Jumbo floor puzzle for kids is suitable for preschool educational, intellectual development. Similarly, it comes with a perfect gift box with a handle strap for convenient carrying. If you have been craving to buy one of the best floor puzzles, this is the right option. It comes with high-quality materials as well.

4.       UMTOY Wooden Puzzles For Toddlers

The UMTOY wooden puzzles for toddlers are equipped with an easy-to-grasp peg. It is an ideal educational tool toy for children between the age of three and above. This product also allows your kids to develop letter recognition and pre-reading skills. The product dimension is 12.36 x 9.21 x 2.83.

floor puzzles for kids

5.       MAGIFIRE Wooden Toddler Puzzles

The MAGIFIRE wooden is a cute set of block puzzles. This product comes with four different animal puzzles. As they shine, children develop hand-eye coordination skills and shape recognition. Meanwhile, it exercises the toddler’s patience and thinking conversion ability. Besides, it keeps your kids playing safely.

6.       Sesame Street Giant Floor Puzzles

The Sesame street giant floor puzzles are suitable on the floor. While your children assemble this puzzle on the floor, they learn different things. Examples include; reasoning ability, imagination skill, and hand-eye coordination skills. The product dimension is 12.4 x 12.2 x 1.5, while the item weight is 10.4 ounces.

7.       LIKEE Train Jigsaw Floor Puzzles

The LIKEE train jigsaw floor puzzles are good to play with your little boy or girl. While children play this puzzle, they cultivate a sense of achievement. This is because; they learn different skills and would love to apply them in their daily life. If you’re looking for an educational toy that delivers hours of fun, this is the right one.


Floor puzzles for toddlers offer a lot of vocabulary work. With the use of simple shapes and cute animal description, your kids learn more. As you make your way to purchase the best floor puzzles for your children, apply the tips in this content. This will guide you through choosing the right one in today’s marketplace. Nonetheless, always praise your children, as they are all born to be successful in life.



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