Best Submarine Toys for Kids

If there’s one thing that every kid desires or fancy, its toys – because- aside from being a plaything that makes them excited, it offers them companionship. Toys are cool, fun, and beautiful. it is recommended to get one of the best submarine toys for kids

Toys can do everything including fostering curiosity in kids and expanding their level of imagination and creativity. And speaking of widening imagination, no toy does it better than underwater explorers.

Whether searching the ocean for sea life, touching the bottom of the sea bed, or exploring the deep end of the pool or bathtub, there’s something about underwater that awakens curiosity and expands imagination in kids. If you’re looking to buy for your kid(s) toy(s) that offer more than just excitement, underwater toys or submarine is an excellent choice to start with.

We’ve rounded up some of the best submarine toys for kids, check them out below


sudmarin toys for kids

1.                Green Toys Submarine

When it comes to making classic toys, Green Toys are up there with one of the best submarine toys for kids. One incredible thing about Green Toys is that all their toys, including this submarine, are made from 100 percent recycled products.

The Green Toy Submarine will help your kids and toddlers enjoy and explore all the wonders of the terrain at the bottom of the pool, tub, washbasin, and other shallow ends. The submarine features a spinning rear propeller for stability, a classic handle for your kids to get a firm grip, and a wide-mouth opening for plenty of scoop-and-pour fun. This colorful watercraft has a cabin that can be opened for easy cleaning and it is also safe for use in the dishwasher, making it even more interesting.

2.                YEIBOBO! 6 Channels Mini RC Submarine Toy

For the records, the 6 channel mini RC submarine toy is probably one of the smallest out there, measuring just over 4 inches. But who cares? As long as it can explore the natural wonders of the pool and bathtub on both sunny and rainy days.

Submarines toys are fun, but being remote-controlled takes it a step higher… and that’s what the 6 channel mini RC submarine toy is all about. Just fun – and – more fun! This mini-submarine toy features twin LED lights, a sensor that powers the submarine when you put it in water and turn it off when you take it out, and double propellers that moves the submarine forward and backward.

The remote controllers feature six (6) different buttons that move the submarine forward and backward, turns it to the left or right, and also float or dive/submerge it in water. It is suitable for use in the pool, shallow ponds, bathtub, washbasin, and fish tank… It is fun and adventures galore.


submarine for kids

3.                16.5 Inch Toy Black Submarine

Your kids know they are for great fun and adventure times, the moment you walk in and present them with the Toy Black Submarine; a 16.5-inch military-like toy submarine.

This incredible submarine features 3 pushbuttons with different sound effects and also comes with 2 torpedoes and 1 anti-radar missile to make the underwater experience more real and more interesting.  Although this black and red-colored submarine does not move on its own, it still delivers all the fun when your kids play and explore the goodness of the pool or tub with it.


4.                Yookidoo Submarine Spray Whale – Baby Bathtime Toy

Here is another toy that is making top five on our list of submarine toys for kids.

Submarines are cool but Yookidoo spray whale is cooler. This baby bath time toy keeps your kid or toddler entertained and allows your child to experience and explore independent play during bath time. Ensure the water level is at least 5cm, connect the submarine to the bottom of the tub by sticking the green suction cup. When the submarine is submerged underwater, it draws up water to the whale showerhead, creating a steady water flow action that will have your toddler fascinated.

Simple as that. Made with 100 percent plastic, sleek, colorful, and lightweight, the Yookidoo submarine spray whale toy is easy to grip with small hands and allows your child to direct the steady stream of water. This baby bath time toy features a battery-operated water circulation pumping system that recycles the water in the bathtub, so water doesn’t need to be wasted from the tap.

With $24.99, you can gift your kids an entertaining and exciting bath time experience they can always look forward to.


5.                Toysmith NeatO! Classic Toys Wind Up Diving Submarine

The classic toy wind-up diving submarine works just as its name described it. Simply place it underwater in your pool, fish tank, shallow pond, tub, or washbasin; wind it up and watch it dive into the depth of the water. Measuring about 9.5 inches and weighing about 4.8 ounces, this classic submarine toy can glide across a 15 – 20 foot pool. It runs underwater, then comes up to the surface and floats with the nose and conning tower above the water.

This pool toy operates with a windup mechanism rather than a battery and features a propeller that helps it to glide through the waters. Also, its gears are sealed up so you don’t have to worry about damaging it in water.


submarine toys for kids

6.                4M Diving Submarine

4M is a widely known brand, popular for encouraging curious young minds with innovative and educational products. Challenge your kid’s imagination with a toy that allows him/her to learn and have fun at the same time. Watch the wonders of science at work as the 4M diving submarine toy submerges and glides around like the real thing. Simply fill the toy submarine with baking powder, place it in the pool or tub and watch it submerge and resurface time after time.

An excellent stocking stuffer, this toy is a great way to show your little ones how chemistry works, foster curiosity, and encourage scientific learning. With this $5.99 gift, you can aid your child’s creative and imaginative development.

This baking powdered powered diving submarine is nothing short of amazement… and bet you’ve never seen anything like it!


7.                Aquatic Discovery Expedition Research & Rescue Submarine

This is the second learn while having fun submarine toy on this list. Let your kids join other explorers as they journey to the depth of the amazing and beautiful ocean with this pretend toy submarine. With this toy, your kids can pretend to be on a rescue or research expedition, with a mission to track deadly great sharks to their breeding ground, collect coral samples, study the sea bed ecosystem, or analyze the impact of climate change. Great adventures await – the limit is the child’s imagination.

The submarine set comes with 6 ocean animals which include shark, turtle, seal, Manta Ray, dolphin, and octopus. Kids can study them to get familiar with their characteristics and also have an idea of life in the ocean.

This aquatic toy features an accessible cockpit, double rear, and front wheels, a retractable periscope, rotating propeller, windows portals with a handle and storage. A perfect toy for those who love the sea.


8.                Tipmant Mini Radio Remote Control Submarines Toy

Many submarines are cool, but the Tipmant RC submarine will dive into the water with instructions from the controller like a real nuclear submarine gliding through the sea, helping to replicate the real-life experience in your pool or bathtub.

This submarine is only 3.74 inches long but it is fun to play with and will make a great gift for your kids. Despite its mini size, it is capable of doing tricks and delivering fun and excitement to kids who love to explore.


With its water-sensitive sensors, you don’t need to switch it on or off when you place it in or take it out of water. The submarine automatically comes on and the headlights are activated when it is placed in water and it also goes off when you take it out. It is a 4 channel submarine that can drive forward, reverse, turn left or right, and it can also float upward or submerge itself in the water.

Thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery, the Tipmant RC submarine can cover about 13 ft. distance in a single dive and can continue for 8-10 mins on a single charge.


submarine toys for kids

9.                DUCKBOXX XX Wind-up Moving Submarine

The duckbox wind-up submarine is a simple inexpensive bath time or water toy for toddlers that perform just two simple tricks. Wind up to activate the propeller that moves the submarine around the water or press the little sailor to squirt water.

It requires no battery and it is safe and easy for use by your toddler whose little hand can easily grab and operate it. It’s a great way to let your kids learn about physical buoyancy, develop their hand-eye coordination, motor skill, and dexterity.


10.           LEGO City Ocean Mini-Submarine 60263

Featuring a cool toy mini-submarine, a pirate treasure chest filled with gem elements, a hammerhead shark figure, and a pilot mini-figure, the LEGO city mini-submarine playset is the ultimate package. It makes an ideal gift for kids aged 4 and above as it is designed to encourage creative and independent role play.

It will give your kids an imaginary experience of life upon and beneath the sea.


If you have a kid who loves to play with aquatic toys or one aspiring to be a sailor, one of these submarine toys for kids would give the child more fun.


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