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Get Joyful’s Premium Doctor Play Set Now!

Price: $32.99

Kids love to Pretend play! It’s one of the best types of play to develop the imagination, cognitive, motor and communication skills of your kids


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  • Develop your kids imagination and communication skills with over 20 different doctor simulation pieces and tools that include the famous and favored Stethoscope, Blood pressure meter with cuff, Thermometer, Syringe, Otoscope, Reflex hammer, Scissors and many more, all within a spacious and safe storing case.
  • Let your little ones enjoy the look of a doctor as they wear our elegantly looking cloth Lab Coat included in this joyful set. Don’t forget to take them a lot of pictures as they wear it and take good care of you, creating a valuable photo gallery of their cute looks and of such precious and joyful memories.
  • Your little ones will enjoy receiving imaginary calls as well as giving care instructions over our special, light and multiple sounds producing toy Phone.
  • Cute and colorful pieces, multiple of which produce sound or light aimed at developing the cognitive, motor and social skills of your little-loved ones. Wonderful, diverse and durable doctor pretending set that brings joyful times to both single and group play times. All of which helps them overcome the fear of doctor visits.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind as your little ones enjoy our durable, high quality and safe toys, certified to fulfill best American and international manufacturing standards. Enjoy our unlimited, unconditioned 60 days guarantee on all set items.

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Stethoscope producing cute beats

Blood Pressure Measurement with a Cuff
Light-enhanced Thermometer, Otoscope, Dental Mirror, Pulse Measure and Flash Light
Reflex Hammer and Syringe

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Surgeon intervention tools including

Toy Scissors
Surgical Knife
Collection Plate

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Treatment tools including

Two size Medication Bottles
Medication Spoon
IV line with a hanging stand

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Looks matter in building confidence and sparking imagination! Joyful doctor play set assures your little doctor looks cute but professional with

High-Quality Cloth Lab Coat
Cloth Doctor Cap
Name Tag
Eye Glasses
Note Taking Pad and Pen

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Develop the Communication skills of your little ones utilizing our fun phone toy. This Phone is

Light and multi-sounds producing
Fun as a toy on its own

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