Getting home and having little play time with those in our family can be hard after a long day of work. Especially if you are a person who spends from 9 am to 5 pm in an office doing tasks that can be time-consuming and exhaustive. Add in another hour or two of commute and by the time you get home, you just want to get home and relax for the rest of the day. However, your kid might have other plans.

We know that you love your children as much as we love ours, and that is why we decided to discuss some reasons why is it important for you and your children to have this time together!

First of all, playing with your children helps them to develop all kinds of skills. Interacting with them allows the development of social skills that will help them interact with you and other kids. Also, they can develop cognitive skills depending on the tools they are using, motor skills by running around from one place to another, cognitive skills and more!

Remember, playing isn’t just having fun, both you and your kid can learn more than you think by just spending some time together having fun.

While having fun with your kids, you can also enforce the bond that you have with them. As a parent, this will help you understand what your little one is thinking and feeling more regularly. Let him or her know that you understand your their interests, feelings and thoughts and you will see how the bond between both of you keeps getting stronger and stronger.

This means that when your kid is having a great time it is easier for them to communicate their feelings and find their talents and passion. By playing something different every day you will see the child’s interest between tasks and activities. They will start to set the path that they want to take during their life by investing time doing activities that they actually love and enjoy.

Finally, while you are playing, you can discover the joy of playing again. Being an adult can be quite stressful, we have a lot of responsibilities and our mind is constantly focusing on everything that we have to do.

Playing with children gives you the break that you need. You can feel again the joy of laughter just spending a few minutes doing different activities with your kid a day.

Stop worrying about adult stuff just for a couple of minutes and discover the joy of being a child again.

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