Games make learning easier for kids. It makes all they have learned seem more practical and more uncomplicated. Hence, it is advisable to use games to get kids to learn languages. We have previously discussed math learning games for kids. Now, we will reveal to you the best English learning games for kids. In this article, there are play ideas and also products that will help make learning faster.

English Learning Game Ideas for Kids

With games like this, you tend to spend more time with your kids.  Although you might need quite several participants to enjoy these games, at least two persons will do. These games are fascinating English learning games for kids.

1.    Fruit Naming Games


This game is great for learning the fruit names, thereby increasing your kid’s vocabulary. You can also customize the rules according to the age range of kids you have participating. As younger kids play by mention just names of fruits, older kids can make sentences with the fruit names as they play.  All you need to play the fruit naming game is a ball and players. Players may be mom, dad, and children.

How to play

  • Instruct the kids and participants to sit in a circle.
  • Pass the ball to a player. Ask the kid to name a fruit and pass it to another person.
  • The next person also names a fruit and pass on to another.
  • The game continues without repetition.
  • Anyone who could not recollect a fruit name drops the ball and is out of the game.
  • The last man standing is the winner.


2.    Word Hunt

english learning games for kids

This is very exciting for kindergarten. You need a large cardboard sheet, an old kid’s magazine, scissors, marker, and glue. That’s all.

How to play

  • Divide the large cardboards into two parts with the marker.
  • Write all letters vertically on the left part. You can ask a kid to help out here.
  • Ask the kids to look for words that start with “A” in the magazine.
  • Then, they cut out the words and paste them in front of the letter.
  • This should continue until all the letters have their words.


3.    Match the Cards

Here is another interesting English learning game that kids enjoy. It requires white chart paper, old children’s books, and scissors.

How to Play

  • First cut out squares from the white chart paper. The squares will make a few cards.
  • Next, you cut out pictures from the old children’s book and past them on the paper cards.
  • Then, you look for words in the children’s books that describe the pictures and paste them on another set for paper charts.
  • Shuffle the cards properly and ask the kid to match the words with the pictures.
  • Let your child place them side by side until he/she has exhausted the pictures and words.


4.    Dumb Charades with Words

english learning games for kids

This word guessing game is a twist to the usual charades game that we all know. You need a group of children or players. Players may include parents if you don’t have many kids around. And, you also need words that can be enacted because this is guessing with action.

How to Play

  • You should have two groups play against each other.
  • Every child gets a word that he/she must communicate to the team by enacting it.
  • Try helping the kids out by explaining the meaning of the word so they can understand better.
  • Or, you can ask the team to say the meaning of the word to make it harder.
  • The winner will be the team that guesses the most number of words.


5.    Word Marathon

Word marathon is one of the English learning games that helps your kids build a substantial vocabulary of nouns. Just get a group of kids, sheets of paper, and pens or pencils.

How to Play

  • Every child should have a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil.
  • Say a letter and ask the kids to jot down words that start with the letter.
  • The kids should feel in words that are names, animals, places, and things. The words should all start with the same letter.
  • You can add time limits to increase difficulty. It will be more interesting to add score points to the words written down.
  • The child with the highest point or words will be the winner.


6.    Treasure Hunt

english learning games for kids

Kids love treasure hunt because it comes with some goodies. It’s a good way to teach them the interpretation of language. And even an excellent way to widen their vocabulary and understanding skills. You can increase the difficulty to make it more interesting. For this game, you only need some goodies that will serve as treasures to find and paper slips with clues to help find them.

How to Play

  • Hide the treasure in selected corners of the house.
  • If the players are younger children, explain the first clue to them verbally, so they understand better.
  • You can increase the difficulty as you wish but don’t use words to understand that their age.
  • There is room for multiple players. In such cases, the kid with the highest number of treasure wins.

While playing games like this, you must make sure they are age-appropriate. Try to participate as well to make sure they have fun and learn more. Don’t cheat or shout while you help them have fun.  Be patient with the kids and make sure there is no laughing or ridiculing of any child that doesn’t spell or pronounce words well.

Best English Learning Games for Kids

There are several other games and toys sold in stores like amazon that can also help your kids learn English faster. So, below is the list of best games that can boost their vocabulary and create fun.

1.    Shifu Plugo Letters

This is a word-building game that helps to increase your child’s knowledge of the language. Plugo letters help kids learn to spell words with their sounds. It is designed with a strategy of using stories, characters, and poems to learn new words. Plugo app is loaded with five games and a total of over 250 levels. Your child can learn new words ranging from 3 to 8 letter words. In the box, you’ll find a letter trunk with 48 letter tiles, a gamepad, and a foldable mat. The kids can play the game without touching the screen. The game is suitable for kids from 4 years up.


2.    Think Fun Zingo Bingo

english learning games for kids

Here is another English learning game that is suitable for kids from 4 years up. The game is built to help kids develop critical skills like reading, building language, and matching skills. It comes with easy to read instructions, play cards, and one board. Zingo is popular for its exceptional kid’s games and also always the parent’s choice.


3.    Learning Resources Sight Word Swat

This is another unique game on the list that spikes up excitement. Sight word swat is a fast-paced game that awakens all five senses of children. Kids can play this for hours and not get bored. It helps them develop skills like word recognition, eye-hand coordination, vocabulary building, and many more. The set contains 110 double-sided sight-word flies and about four swatters of about 9 inches long each. The flies are also top with 220 sight words that are common to kids. The game allows four players, and the winner is the player with the most swat words.


4.    Boggle Junior Preschool Game

English learning games for kids

With this game, you will watch your little kid transform letters into words. It has colorful images with two different matching games that encourage various development skills. Children can easily practice word recognition, letter recognition, spelling, sorting, and grouping. The game has different levels to keep them interested in going higher. It is suitable for kids from age three and above and also allows 1-2 players. You don’t need to worry about batteries or connections. There are letter cubes and colorful pictures that kids will love.


5.    Orchard Toys Match and Spell Children’s Game

Here is another spectacular selection from the numerous English learning games for kids. Just like others, it encourages letter recognition, phonetic word buildings, and matching skills. Your kids will have a wider variety of words to form from numerous letter cubes.  Words can range from simple words to more complex words focusing on increasing their vocabulary. The game set is very durable and can withstand children’s little messy hands. It is made in Britain from recycled board, and it is well-designed to serve its purpose. Children from 4 years old would enjoy, and it also permits 1-4 players.

English language learning games for kids don’t only stop at words and letters. You will also enjoy doing some crafts with cardboards if you try some of the game ideas listed above. The products mentioned are equally very beneficial to your child’s learning process. Always observe safety precautions while playing games. Make sure that the game is not too difficult for the child’s age so he/she can enjoy playing.


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