Rock Climbing Gear for Kids (Add Safety Gear) 

Rock climbing is one of the most adventurous activities. It also comes with benefits to a child’s social life and mental health. There are a couple of rock climbing gear for kids to learn rock climbing at a tender age. With these gears, you can start practicing with your kids in the comfort of your homes. 


However, we can’t overlook the fact that Rock climbing can be dangerous. Supervising is good, but it’s barely enough. The safety concern brings us to safety gear. Safety gear helps minimize or even prevent injuries like broken ankles. 


Here, we will be looking at some rock climbing gear for kids and safety gear to use when they climb.

  rock climbing gear for kids

Ogrmar 25 PCS Rock Climbing Holds Set 

The holding set is manufacture by Ogrmar and is design to make rock climbing stress-free for kids.   


The 25 hold sets are multi-colored and come in different shapes. The colors of the sets are yellow, red, orange, green, and blue. Other packages in the Ogrmar manufactured rock climbing gear for kids includes: 

  • 100 flat washers  
  • 50 wield nuts and bolts 
  • An Allen wrench 
  • Instruction manual 


Installing the hold sets is hassle-free. However, there is an installation manual to guide you whenever you miss a step. The holding sets are fashion with quality polypropylene fiber plastic materials. It is durable and considered weather-resistant. The handgrip and textured feet allow kids to grip and climb without any difficulty. 


Lastly, the Ogrmar manufactured gear is for indoor and outdoor climbing.  

SSBright Sets of 25 Multi-colored Kids and Adults Large Rock Climbing Holds 

The SSBright manufactured rock climbing gear enhances your kid’s strength, balance, flexibility, and perseverance.  


The climbing holds are not just for kids. Adults can also climb rocks with them, making it perfect for a time out with your family. 


The truth is you won’t be able to take your kids out for rock climbing all the time. With SSBright climbing holds, you can create climbing walls from the comfort of your home. Your kids can use the climbing holds as an indoor play-set. All you need to do is place them on your walls or plywood at home. 


It comes in varieties of shapes and colors (yellow, red, green, and blue). The gear material is BPA-free and made of polyresin plastic which is safe to have around your kids. Apart from that, the holds are friendly to the skin and make them easy to grip while climbing. 


Anyone can find their way through the installation process. But there is an installation manual that serves as a guide if you miss any step.  


Some of the package included are:  

  • 25 X climbing holds  
  • 50 X weld nuts and bolts 
  • A wrench 
  • Instruction manual 

rock climbing gear for kids

Duke’s Outdoor Rock Climbing Holds Set for Kids 

Duke’s outdoor rock climbing holds help kids improve muscles, endurance, strength, agility, and confidence. It also encourages them to exercise their body.  


The climbing hold set is fashion with solid plastic that is considered durable and sturdy. The holds have 2-holes that can be screw for a tighter grip on the wall. In a nutshell, the materials used to craft the gear are non-toxic, weather-resistant, and safe for your kids.  


Some of the package included in the climbing holds include: 


  • 30 pieces of climbing hold that comes in different colors and shapes  
  • 8-foot knotted climbing rope that helps beginners stabilize their footings. 
  • A climbing bag  
  • Mounting hardware 
  • 3 X do-it-yourself videos on how to climb  

Dolibest 18pcs Rock Climbing Holds for Kids 

The Dolibest manufactured rock climbing gear for kids is recommended for kids from age 12 upward. The climbing holds help kids improve their strength, balance, muscles, enhance, agility, to mention a few.   


It is fashion with high-quality plastic resin and non-toxic materials that are considered safe for your kids. These materials are also weather-resistant and durable. For instance, the straps in the rock climbing gear are with quality polyester and high density. 


The gear also has unique designs that include:  

  • The hold comes with 2-holes that ensure a firm grip on the wall.  
  • The textured surface allows kids to grip and climb without hassle.  
  • It comes in 3 different shapes and 6-different colors.  


Just like other gear mentioned earlier, it’s easy to assemble the Dolibest climbing holds. You can install it in the woods, parks, and yards. With the instruction manual, it only takes minutes to set it up.  


Some of the packages accessories include: 

  • 18 X pieces of climbing hold 
  • 6 X pieces of 7.87 feet ratchet straps   

rock climbing gear for kids

12 Ninja Tree Climbing Holds for Kids Climber  

The gear is design with kids in mind. The climbing hold helps kids improve their strengths, agility, and endurance. It also enhances their confidence among their peers. 


It is made of high-quality plastic resin and would neither fade nor crack no matter the weather (It is weather-resistant). The textured surface of the feet ensures that the grip and climb are made easy for kids.  


You can set up the rock climbing gear on the treehouse and your backyard. The holds will add color to your yard and make it more adventurous. With that said, assembling and disassembling this gear can be done by anyone. You won’t be needing extra tools to set it up.  


The TOPNEW product can hold up to 230lbs and is consider strong to hold toddlers and adults weighing less than 230 pounds. This factor makes it perfect for a quality time out with your family. 


Some of the accessories included are: 

  • 2 Pack climbing holds 
  • 6 Sturdy 10 Ft ratchet straps 

Millard DIY Rock Climbing Holds 

The Millard DIY Rock Climbing helps kids enhance their confidence and physical fitness. When you decide on the climbing holds, it improves the strength and agility of your kids. 


It is fashioned with high-quality materials and considered safe for your kids. It is durable and can stand all kinds of weather. The gear can hold up to 225lbs weight.  


The gear comes in colors (yellow, blue, red, orange, green ) and different shapes. Some accessories that come with the package include:  


  • 2 X climbing 
  • 25 X hand and foot grips  
  • A knotted climbing rope 
  • Hardware 

rock climbing gear for kids

SEKKVY 25 Rock Wall Climbing Holds for Kids 

The Happyzone manufactured gear is the last on the list of rock climbing gear for kids. The climbing hold helps kids improve their perseverance, strength, agility, and confidence.  


It is easy to assemble and disassemble. But the instruction manual can be your guide if you miss a step in the installation process. The climbing holds are perfect for outdoor and indoor use. It can hold up to 230lbs weight. The foot and handgrip are firm, so your kids can climb without the fear of falling.  


Some of the packages in the climbing hold include:   

  • 25 X multicolor (brown, yellow, red, blue, and green) climbing grips 
  • 50 X weld nuts
  • A hex wrench  
  • 50 X bolts 
  • 50 X washers  

rock climbing gear for kids

NewDoar Kids Climbing Harness 

The climbing harness for kids comes with a tie-in point and stitching. The metallic part of the safety gear is steel. It is easy to set up, adjust, and remove the safety gear.  


The safety gear is fashion with polyester material. Although the rock climbing harness is lightweight, it is considered durable.  


The climbing harness is also for other sports like mountaineering, downhill, and other outdoor sports.   

rock climbing gear for kids

CLIMBX Kids Icon Rock Climbing Shoe Knit 2019 

Here is a CLIMBX manufactured shoe for rock climbing for kids. The shoe comes in different sizes, so examine the size before you place an order. It comes with a knit upper for a comfortable rock climbing experience. 

Tontron Adult Hiking Climbing Caving Work Helmet 

The helmet is fashion with ABS shell and high-density. The Tontron helmet comes in different sizes. But the small size (19. 3-21.6in ) (49-55cm) is perfect for kids. 


Kids can adjust at the back of the head. 

rock climbing gear for kids

Climbing Rope with Platforms and Disc Swing Seat Set Playground Accessories  

The rope is one of the vital safety gear for rock climbing. The ZNCMRR manufactured product help kids improve their confidence and design with heavy-duty materials. It can stand the test of time and hold up to 220lb weight. It is pretty easy to install the rope. 


Some of the packages included are a swing set with platforms, a hanging strap, a locking carabiner, a metal ring, and an instruction manual. 

rock climbing gear for kids

Sukoa Chalk Bag for Rock Climbing  

The Sukoa Chalk Bags is suitable for rock climbing and other sports like CrossFit. The clip belt that comes with the chalk bag makes it easy to use. It has 2-side pockets for keeping bigger things. 


You and your kids can move freely around with the bag. You can adjust the drawcord on the bag to any size. 


Some of the rock climbing gear mentioned here comes in different sizes. Therefore, cross all the “t” and dot all the “i” before you place an order.  


When you place the wrong order comes with a lot of difficulties. Proper examination is one way to avoid this difficulty.   



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