Today, many kids have left their toys behind, preferring instead to invest themselves fully into the advanced world we currently live in. Kids replaced these tactile, interactive instruments for electronic solutions such as tablets, phones, TV, etc.

Older children especially spend most of their time in front of a screen, which can cause problems during their development. It’s true that electronics keep them entertained – but they won’t help them at the moment of continued learning, which is crucial is the first stages of human life.

That’s why we need to bring back a love for toys, not just for children at early ages, but for everyone. We recommend that you to take your kid to a toy store, and see how excited he or she can become at the moment of seeing all the things that they can actually play with!

Additionally, find more reasons to stay away from screens. Give them the opportunity to find love and affection in things that can help them grow physically and mentally.

It’s a proven fact that kids can learn by playing. Many toys are primarily designed to help with your child’s cognitive development. Toys are also the first steps children take when it comes to finding out what they want, and who they want to be.

By giving them the opportunity to come back to forms of entertainment you can actually reach out and interact with, you give them the power of imagination once again. Their brains will open up to a world of endless possibilities, thanks to this important, yet under-appreciated method of learning.

The most important benefits we can mention caused by the interaction between toys and children include:

  • Skill acquisition
  • Problem-solving
  • Cause-effect reaction
  • Sharing
  • Motor skills
  • Creativity
  • Independence

Each toy is designed for a certain age, that’s why we recommend you to use specific toys marketed towards particular age groups.

BABIES. When your child is a baby, you should give him or her a toy that’ll help them discover the world. They’re new in this big place and they desperately need to have the opportunity to know it. That’s why we recommend sensory play since it will help a lot when it comes to discovering colors, shapes, textures, and more! They will find out what they like and how they like to play.

TODDLERS. At this stage your baby is probably starting to walk, they want to be a little bit more independent and try to do things by themselves. We recommend using toys that develop their balance and mobility, make them realize that they can do things on their own.

SCHOOL CHILDREN. It’s time to start learning concepts! The best kind of toys at this stage are the ones that teach them new, abstract ideas. Find out toys that can help them learn the alphabet or numbers, give them puzzles or memory games to improve their cognitive function. Also, it’s a way to practice everything they are learning in school.

Whoever said learning and having fun can’t be synonymous? You have the power to help them do both at the same time, create a positive attitude towards learning for the future!

And remember – always find a way to instill joy and happiness through education!

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