We are all about giving your kids the best tools and methods that improve their development, as well as enrich their ability to play. Our doctor set has been designed to reflect this mission in a perfect way. This playset invites your children to discover the world of roleplaying where they are able to push back the barriers of reality and assume a new role as a doctor – the greatest of medical professionals!

It might sound simple, but taking on this make-believe role permits them to learn and develop a surprisingly wide variety of skills. It allows them to share emotions, see the world through another’s eyes, and let their imagination fly away.

There are plenty of reasons why roleplaying from an early age is important in a child’s development, and we are going to mention a few of them.

1. It develops problem-solving skills

While playing a role they have to make decisions they may not make otherwise. These can be as simple as choosing who to play with, or what are they going to be. More complex decisions come in time – for example, they’ll have to choose which ingredients are they going to use to prepare the perfect food, should they decide to play in a kitchen scenario.

Stepping into someone else’s shoes allows everyone to directly experience a unique problem and to discover ways to solve them. That is why this skill will help them for the rest of their lives.

2. It helps with communication

It’s impressive how children can learn new vocabulary from playing a role. They acquire this new vocabulary from the information within the role, and they will include it in their everyday life from there forward.

Let’s say a child decides to be a teacher for a day. You will see how they mimic the profession by the use of words that they have never thought to use before. They might not even understand what it really means at first, but they are learning something new along the way – which is ultimately the most important part of the process.

3. It improves creativity and imagination

By having roly-play in their lives, children continue to use their imagination and improve it in ways you couldn’t think possible. As Albert Einstein said: imagination can take you everywhere. What he meant by this is the fact that thinking outside the box requires an imaginative frame of mind.

Encourage them to do whatever they think is possible during the time that they are playing. You will be amazed by how far their imagination could take them.

4. It explores different careers through roleplay

One of the reasons why we developed our doctor set is because roleplay helps your children become whoever they want, a teacher, a journalist, or even a doctor!

Roleplay allows them to act out real-life situations and be creative within them. Interacting with other kids gives them a social responsibility to achieve the specific goals of a certain career, which perhaps they one day will pursue for real!

Roleplay should never be perceived as a silly or pointless activity. Your kid should always have the opportunity to be the best version of themselves and help them along the way, which is why we have created our joyful toys with this incredible potential in mind.


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