It’s worrisome how kids have changed from being outside most of the day to being in front of a screen instead. Yet, we are sure that it is more beneficial to have some outside time over being trapped in a house.

We know that all parents want to keep their children safe, but that doesn’t mean that they should stay in the house 24/7. In fact, that only results in more disadvantages than actual benefits for your kids. They don’t have the ability to develop their skills in a productive way while inside all the time.

We, as parents, want the best for the little ones in the family. That is why we should give them at least an hour a day outside and do fun activities with them!

According to research by the National Trust Survey, kids aged from 10 to 16 years only spend an average of 15 minutes of outdoor activity, a quarter of the time that they should actually be spending outside. Also, the time that they spend in front of a screen has raised to 19 minutes each day, which results in approximately 2 and a half hours a week.

We can all agree that screen time is inevitable these days. We are living in a world where technology is constantly growing and becoming part of our lives. But, we can find time in our busy schedules to do outside of the box activities with our kids.

Scrolling through Youtube or Pinterest is a good way to find creative ideas to implement with your kids. Creating crafts and doing a roleplay with them will make them more aware of the world that is surrounding them, also, it will boost their creativity in an impressive way!

When your children get to leave the house and get to know new surroundings, they have the opportunity to develop new social skills. For example, empathy towards others, creating their own opinions, learning teamwork, leadership, sharing and more.

Remember that a child’s playtime is not just fun and games. Parents have to be conscious that when kids are playing outside and having fun, they are also developing cognitive skills, motor skills, and more!

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