2021 Best Educational Reading Games for Kids

Kids explore outer space and find reading games interesting. These fun reading games for kids are quick to comprehend. In fact, they’re useful for learners in kindergarten. However, looking for the best reading games for kids may require a daunting process. This way, purchasing the right one is the best.

Just like other toy sets, reading games’ benefits can not be overemphasized. While using any reading games for kids, you should be careful with its application. As a parent, you don’t need to enforce them as a duty or a thing to be taught. Instead, make your children feel comfortable during the learning process.

Meanwhile, entertain them, and improve their interest in getting to know alphabets. Besides, focusing on reading in your children from an early age is quite essential. It has advantages over time and could also help them in their respective study center (schools). Remember, it’s no secret that kids love to play.

Therefore, a fun way to improve reading skills is by playing the best reading games for kids. Moreover, readers (your children) can practice word recognition, spelling patterns, and letter-sound knowledge. When planning to play one of these games, choose words to use from books, your child is reading.

In this article, we will walk you through the best reading games for kids. Not only that, but you’ll also understand the ways to improve the child’s sense of competence and success. With this, you’ll prepare your child to learn how to read, spell, and explore different terminologies. Sounds interesting, right?

Ways To Promote Reading Games For Kids

Before we dive into the best reading games for kids, we are keen to highlight how to promote reading. Have you ever noticed your child’s reading ability, and you care for a solution? Worry less; the tips below would help you get more knowledge. Check out the top seven ways, as stated in the content below.

●        Concentration/Reading Ability – It is when you play along with fun games that your children will be able to concentrate. Moreover, you can control the difficulty of the game by purchasing the right ones. For more challenging games, include number placement and words that are less distinctive. For example, you can embrace “what,” “that,” “when,” and many others.

●        Play With Rhyming Games – Playing with rhyming games plays a crucial role in promoting children’s reading ability. Ensure you give your kids the chance to play with rhyming games to teach about the words’ patterns. For example, they can try Miss Mary, Mack, and many more.

●        Encourage Pointing Words in Books Or GamePad – Also, allow your kids to point out the words in books with a similar spelling pattern. This will boost their learning and help them remember words that may be challenging. Also, it would be best if you were sure to provide a limited number of letters.

●        Selecting Sounds For Emergent Writers – Selecting reading games that have sounds contribute to children’s learning. Hence, take your time to find the right product from a reliable manufacturer. To allow your kids to know it better, buy the ones with high-quality producing sound materials.

●        Encourage Close Reading Activities – Encourage close reading activities and worksheets to practice new skills that contribute a great way of learning. Once students grasp the concept, they avoid making the class work dull and over repetitive.

●        Use Reading Comprehension Cootie Catchers – Using the reading comprehension cootie catchers for young kids is essential. They reveal a message and leave your kids to ask several questions regarding what they’ve learned. Meanwhile, you can also create a quick review game.

●        Share Stories At Mealtime – Sharing stories while playing with reading games is as well significant. Alternatively, randomly select from the children ideas for problems that may occur in the long run. Talk about their experience, and describe something they have done in the past.

Benefits Of Reading Games For Kids

Why we wait for the best reading games for kids in 2021, it’s essential to understand the benefits. Even the youngest kids can benefit from these reading games; that’s why it helps make your kids smart. For you to know how essential these reading games are, take a look at the benefits below.

●        Offer Opportunities For Early Learning – Even simple games help young players identify colors and develop hand-eye coordination. Meanwhile, learning to play with reading games offers opportunities for early learning. They also get your kid’s brain buzzing, as well.

●        They Sharpen Children’s Focus – In general, reading games help to lighten a child’s attention span.  If you want to commit your child to learn more, be sure to complete the process by using a reading game. Also, it helps to strengthen the children’s attention and focus in a world filled with digital distractions.

●        Reading Games Soothe Anxiety – Reading games may help anxious kids learn how to navigate friendship more easily. For kids who struggle with striking up conversations with others, the reading game is the best.  They encourage and promote resilience when things don’t go their way.

●        Improves Vocabulary and Language Skills – The reading games improve vocabulary and children’s language skills. Children learn new words while playing the games, and they absorb information on how to structure sentences. Not only that but how to use words and other language features effectively.

●        Develops Children’s Imagination – As we read, our brains translate what we read to people. While we are engaged in a story and reading games, we also imagine how a character is feeling. This way, your children then bring this knowledge into their everyday play.

●        Reading Games Is Fun – Reading games for kids is fun. Moreover, you can never be bored if you have the best playset. This is why we recommend you to buy the best product in 2021. While we have excellent and reliable products, also we have fake ones. Therefore, be wary of the product and the manufacturers you purchase from.

●        They Achieve Better in School – The reading games for kids also help children achieve better in school. Additionally, reading promotes achievement in all subjects, not just in English. This means that your children tend to perform better across the curriculum in school settings.

Best Educational Reading Games For Kids

Surprisingly, there are many reading games for kids in this century. As said earlier, some may come with low quality, while others are produced from high-quality materials. If you’d like to get the best reading games for your children, read on for the seven incredible reading games.

1.       Skillmatics Educational Game

The Skillmatics educational reading game is suitable for kids between five years and above. They facilitate learning and skill development by allowing children to absorb concepts at their own pace. This reading game is skill-oriented and also builds fine motor skills. With this, children have fun while they learn.

reading games for kids

2.       Sight Words Bingo Reading Game

The sight words Bingo reading games are perfect for small groups.  Every child would love to play with this interactive game. This is because it allows them to build confidence in themselves. This game type is suitable for children between the age of five and above. If you’re looking to buy the right product, this is one of a kind.

reading games for kids

3.       Little Treasures Matching Letter Game

The little treasure matching letter game is an essential educational game for kids. This reading game helps develop word recognition, teaching children both alphabet and correct spelling. Not only does this game teach spelling and memorization, but it allows children to advance hand and eye coordination.

4.       Joqutoys Matching Letter Game

The Joqutoys matching letter game is designed to help the brain, inspire exploration, and encourage natural curiosity in learning. Besides, it makes your children learn more while playing.  On the flip side, it’s a perfect size for playing at home or anywhere. The product dimension is 6.69 x 3.54 x 0.79.

5.       AGO Phonics Card Reading Game

The AGO phonics card reading game is a fun card game that many children would love to play with. It is affordable and suitable for kids between five years and above. This product comes with high-quality material that makes it colorful and vibrant.

reading games for kids

6.       LIKEE Alphabet Reading Game

The LIKEE alphabet game is essential for kids between the age of three and above. This reading game allows children to learn more about spelling difficult words. Moreover, it creates a fun illustration on each of the 26 letter cards. Also, it develops fine motor skills while encouraging critical thinking.

7.       HAPTIME English Reading Game

The HAPTIME English reading game always focuses on the development of your children. It will summarize complex speech into standard and straightforward pronunciation. This educational method is simple and easy to learn new language skills and cognitive skills. The product dimension is 4.92 x 3.35 x 1.34.


Reading games for kids has contributed to children’s learning. While it may be challenging to get the right one, we have it all in this article. All you need is to select your favorite according to your child’s interest. Nonetheless, parents need to teach their kids about reading games to improve learning.






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