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archery sets for kids

If you have a child that loves bows and arrows, it may be the best advice to get that child a nice archery set as a gift. Asides from the fact that getting archery sets for kids is a good way to teach them the sport, it also plays a huge role in the mental development of a child. So, don’t overlook this pretty toy set as it can develop your child’s physical as well.

There are several archeries sets out there. And as usual, we will put you through the best your child will enjoy. But, before we go into the list, let’s take a peep into the benefits of archery.

Why your child needs archery?

  • For increased mental development

This is the most important reason you must teach your kids archery. It makes them mentally focus and self-disciplined. Sit takes time to learn archery and needs lots of commitment from the kids. But, when kids are committed, learning the skill becomes easy. It boosts their numeracy skill, scorekeeping and helps improve tactical thinking.  Kids learn to plan, use hand-eye coordination, and evaluate their skills.


  • For physical development

Sports, in general, make people physically active. Archery is also a perfect way to strengthen your child’s upper body muscles.  Many children run around the playground, and this helps to exercise their lower bodies. So, introducing your child to archery means the child will have the means to improve the physical development of his or her upper body.


  • It teaches responsibility

An activity like this requires safety rules and proper care of equipment. Hence, it will help your kid to be more responsible. They would not only learn to use bow and arrows but also how to care for the equipment and protect themselves and others.


  • Boost patience and builds focus

Patience and focus is prerequisite to good shots. This is another reason you should get archery sets for kids. They learn to wait patiently for their turn while playing with other kids. And they will also need to avoid distractions and stay focus if they want the best score. Kids would have to wait patiently for the best time to release the arrow and get the best shot.


  • Easily Accessible

It is suitable for everyone and people at all levels of physical ability. Kids do not need to be naturally sporty to play archery.  Children with disabilities will enjoy the game equally. And it is an all-year-round sport.

Top Archery sets for kids 2020

1.    Liberty Imports Light Up Archery Set

This bow and arrow set is designed for girls. It has six suction cup arrows, one mini target, and a quiver to hold the arrow. It is very safe for children from 6 years old and up.  Liberty archery set has a LED light for night safety and also makes aim easier. The set has three different light setting to keep kids excited and ignite their imagination. The bow and arrows are well detailed in deluxe pink. Liberty set is very safe with a notched end for aiming and a cup head that sticks to the target.  With this archery set, the safety of the child is assured.


2.    SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrows

archery sets for kids

This is light-up archery set for kids. It is very suitable for outdoor hunting games. SainSmart Jr set comes in a very pleasing gift pack. It has five arrows with an illuminating bow that makes it an incredible sight. The set uses 3 AAA batteries; it is very durable and convenient for beginners with a range of 100cm. Your kids will enjoy playing this at night as it has a very functional LED light. The light doesn’t need a button to come up; simply pull the string, and the light will come up. This will be very exciting for kids.


3.    DOSTYLE Outdoor Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

Here is another special hunting toy, among other archery sets for kids. It is recommended for kids from 8 years up. You’ll find one bow, eight arrows, five 40 by 40 target face, one silicone arm guard, and one kid quiver. This set will make a lovely gift for your child as it comes in excellent packaging. With parental assistance, it will not be difficult to assemble. The toy is delightful with a soft-touch grip that makes handling easy with both hands. Having a Dostyle outdoor recurve bow and arrow set at home is a way of spending more quality time with your kids.


4.    Clever Warrior Wooden Bow and Arrow for Kids

archery sets for kids

This Clever Warrior set comes with 20 arrows, two handcrafted bows, two quivers, and two arm guards. It is light weighted enough to allow fast shooting speed and easy aiming. The set also has a soft rubber head designed to make hunting easy for beginners and kids. It is also very durable and satisfactory. Kids from 6 years and up will love to have this bow and arrow set, and it is suitable for their age grade.  So, get one for your children and get them to enough this outdoor activity.


5.    UTeCiA 30 Pcs  Complete Archery Set for Kids

If you want archery set to make your kid feel like a hunter or warrior, this could be the best for you. This is a 30 pieces archery set and is very easy to assemble. It has 20 pieces of 18 inches of safety glued rubber tip arrows and four pieces of 16 inches diameter target sheets. It also has two-finger gloves, two camo arm guards, a handcrafted bow, and a camo quiver. An archery set like this is an excellent way to get your kids off video games to something healthier. It is very durable, well-detailed, and satisfactory.


6.    Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow Set

archery sets for kids

This brand is more than 80 years old and has been making a series of distinctive archery sets for kids and youths. This 1st Shot archery set comes with two safety glass arrows, an armguard, and arrow quivers. It is suitable for kids from 4 to 7 years old and includes finger rollers. This archery also comes in four different colors, so you can pick whichever suits your kid’s taste. The bow is 36-inch long, ambidextrous, and durable. It has 8-12lb draw weight and can extend to 14 to 16-inch draw length. Your kids will love this.

7.    TOPARCHERY Wooden Bow and Arrow Set

This is another wooden set for kids from 8 years and up. It has three arrows with rubber tip, one 100cm bow, and one wooden quiver. This archery was made from high-quality wood in a straightforward design.  It is a good start for beginners and young archers. The archery is safe and lightweight for kids to handle. It is handmade, and the rubber tip ensures that it doesn’t damage even when targets are missed.


8.    Toysery Bow and Arrow Archery Set

This Toysery Bow and Arrow Set is also among the most suitable archery sets for kids three years old. The archery set contains six suction cup arrows, an automatic illuminating bow, and a unique quiver. It was made with quality materials to play and have fun comfortably without fear of damage. It is battery operated and requires three AAA batteries for use. This can also be a perfect gift item for birthdays, Christmas, or thanksgiving.

Safety Tips for Kids Archery

archery sets for kids

Before buying archery sets for kids, you must consider the draw weight, draw length, weight, materials, grip, and sight. It should be a little difficult to pull but not to the point that they can’t move around with when it’s pulled. If your child’s arm is shaking when it’s pulled, it’s too heavy. Make sure the draw length is a little longer than the child’s arm.

Furthermore, what are the essential safety tips for kid’s archery sports and toys?

  • Instruct them not to point their bows at anyone, whether indoor or outdoor. Kids shouldn’t do this even if the bows are without arrows. It could spring up feelings of intimidation.
  • Kids should not dry fire the bow. That means that they should not attempt to pull the bow spring without an arrow. It can hurt the fingers.
  • Firing into the air should not be allowed. Make sure you give a stern warning against this because you don’t know where it will land. And doing so can also eliminate control.
  • Wear arm guard at all times. It will help prevent accidental air firing.
  • Inspect archery before every use. Make sure the pieces of the archery set are in good condition and tightened appropriately.
  • Make sure the strings are waxed regularly, at least after every 100 shots. It will reduce the incidences of misfiring and bowstring degradation.
  • It is essential to note that you must only pull back the arrow when the bow is facing the ground. Not doing so can lead to accidentally firing at someone.

Archery is an outstanding sport for improving the mental and physical skills of kids and adults alike. Pick out one of these best archery sets for kids. And make sure that all safety precautions are referenced during play.



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