You remember how challenging arithmetic was for you as a kid. Then, you can imagine how much trouble your child may be having with the subject. Helping the little child out with some math learning games for kids would not be too difficult. Hence, we made out a list of games that can help children learn mathematics fast and easy.

Wait, before we dive in deeper, let’s take you through the benefits of these math learning games. Games are not just for fun. They add knowledge and value to kids.

Benefits of Math Learning Games for kids

Everyone likes games, adults and children alike. We know it is fun but are we aware of the educational benefits attached to games?

  1. Practical Application

Math game helps to provide practical application of math skills kids have learned in school. Many children wonder whether those figures in mathematics are ever applicable in life. They see it as something they must study. And don’t see the relevance in their daily activities. Math learning games will help kids realize that math skills are practical in daily activities. Hence, they will love it more, which means learning will be easier.

  1. Math becomes fun

The main thing that attracts us to games is fun. So, learning math with games will make math fun too. Your kids will enjoy every moment and may not realize its math. While playing the game, they will also learn. That’s killing two birds with a stone.

  1. Math drill

Since their success in the game depends on how much they know, kids will be eager to drill their brains. They will work calculations deeper in a bid to win the game. You can use a worksheet or practice math facts. Practicing math facts will make them motivated because winning depends on how much you know.


10 Math Learning Games for Kids

Math games are available for kids of different ages. We have put together a list of the best games to help your kids learn faster. Just pick out the one suitable for their age grade and have fun.

1.      Think Fun Zingo 1-2-3 Number Bingo Game

math learning games for kids

This is one of the bestselling math learning games on Amazon. It is suitable for kids from four years and up. Also, it has been nominated for the toy of the year award. The game contains one fun zinger, six double-sided cards, and 72 double-sided tiles. The tiles are numbered, and the players try to match the numbers to images on their cards. The winner is the first player with a full card. It’s a fast-paced game with everyone yelling, 1-2-3 play!! This game helps kids develop counting, simple addition, number sense, and also word recognition skills.



2.      The Learning Journey: Match It! Memory- Mathematics

Here is another learning game that is excellent for subtractions and additions. This game helps kids gain early knowledge of mathematics. It develops their problem-solving skills and also builds their memory. The game has bright colored illustrations in different themes that include counting first words, mathematics, and spelling. It involves matching sums to their answer using the pictures as a clue. Match It is suitable for kids from three and older. It includes 30 double-sided matching pairs, and the person with the highest number of pairs wins.


3.      Shifu Plugo Count Math Game

Shifu Plugo Count Math game doesn’t just come with numbers but also with stories and puzzles to spike the fun. It’s an AR-powered STEM gaming kit. And has a series of stories based on challenges that must be solved with a combination of numbers. The kit is suitable for kids five years and older. This Plungo Count Game comes with a gamepad, count spike, four arithmetic operators, and two sets of digits ranging from 0-9. Download the game app on the device to have access to the games with 250+ progressive levels.  Set up the device and be ready to respond quickly to unfold the story and solve puzzles. The most exciting thing is that you can adjust it to your child’s age grade.


4.      Sums in Space

math learning games for kids

Sums in Space is an addition and subtraction game that gives you adventure and math. The game has a classic and cooperative game rule. On the classic, a child will use dice, add and subtract to get their space team out of the hole. And also, to get back to the ship as soon as possible. The cooperative game role allows your friends to play. Then, winning is determined by how fast you can get your team back to the ship. Here, the kid’s memory of addition and subtraction grants victory. There are three difficulty levels in the cooperative play feature that will keep kids interested.



This is an effective multiplication and division game for both boys and girls from age 7. It has one game board, four play pawns, a dice, and a box of 55 food pieces. Also, you’ll find 36 pet cards, which comprises of 12 milk cards, 12 bone cards, and 12 chilly cards. There is a box of 48 pet tags, a bag of 50 red hearts, and 30 pink hearts with a rule book. To play as a beginner, you should roll the dice and move to the pet station following the pet path. Then, open the food card for the pet and collect food items. Next, distribute food items among pets equally and start adopting them. Once a player adopts four pets, the game stops, and the player wins. There are another advanced way to play the game. Make a purchase!


6.      REVVIT Montessori Multiplication and Division Boards

This wooden box is the magical teacher of multiplication and division. It has one green board, one red board, a green box, a red box, about 105 red beads, 85 green beads, a red chip, nine wooden pegs, and 10 number cards. It is exciting and educative for kids. Green beads are for division and red for multiplication.

For the green beads, divide any number of your choice using greed pegs (10). Then, let the child count the number of green beads divided and place the dividend in each row. Next, calculate and see how many rows were filled to know the result (10÷2 =5). And for the red beads, slide a number card to the left side of the board. And place the red circle peg on the number. Then, the child fills up the hole with as many beads until it reaches the number indicated by the card on the row and the peg on the column. Calculate.


7.      Logic Roots Multiplication Games for Kids

math learning games for kids

This game is suitable for kids from 7 years and older. It provides multiplication, strategic planning, hand-eye coordination, memorization, and patience skills. The game helps your kids practice multiplication eleven times more than the traditional way. There are 270 monster sock tiles, 52 order cards, 20 plus-minus cards, a sand timer, and an instruction manual in the game box.

Furthermore, the player gets nine sock packets each. So, you pull out a card, for example, 10. If you find a two-legged monster on the card, you will pack five cards; if you have 2, you will park five cards.


8.      Alytimes Counting Stick Calculation Math Educational Toy

This toy has wooden number cards, equation signs, and counting rods. It is fit for home preschools and kindergarten as you can teach divisions, multiplication, subtraction, and addition. Mix up colors to make the game enjoyable. Come up with colors, like four colors. Then, use the sticks to teach arithmetic by arranging them in small numbers with equation signs.  And take out corresponding numbers to solve the equation. This game makes arithmetic fun for babies and improve their learning ability.


9.      Monkey Balance Counting Game Kindergarten Number Learning

math learning games for kids

Kids balance the monkey scale by counting the number of monkey pieces equivalent to the selected number card. It is an excellent game for the necessary counting skills. You’ll find 19 monkeys, 30 double-sided cards, numbers of 1-10, one monkey scale, base, and two-scale pans.  Monkey balance is very engaging for toddlers, young kids, and the family as a whole. It will improve your kid’s memory, encourage interactive play and fine motor skills. Also, it stands as one of the best math learning games for kids.


10.  Proof Math Game

This fast-paced game is mental math magic for kids from 8 – 12years old. Each box of the math learning game includes 100 number cards. The pack of number cards has more sets of easier-to-use numbers and less difficult-to-use large numbers. This game requires a quick equation with the number on the table, which should be 12 in number. Shout the result, show your proof, and keep the card. The person with the highest number of cards when the deck runs out is the winner.

These math learning games for kids bring arithmetic closer to the child. It helps improve their counting and memorizing of subtraction, addition, division, or multiplication.

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