We all have that one kid who fantasizes about the mysteries of space and the universe. It is best to bring their dreams to life with a space toy rocket present your child will never forget. You might have noticed a genuine interest and attentiveness when NASA and space shuttles pop up on TV. This is your child telling you that he has some interest in the wonderful world of space travel. You can make them live their dream at this moment.

There are several space toys to get for your kid. However, in this guide you will find five of these toys that your child will love. Before we go into details, let’s talk about the factors you should look out for when buying a space toy.  Now, all you need to do is to grab a cup of coffee. We will take you through the things that would make a space toy the perfect one for your child.


  1. Realistic

When it comes to picking a space toy rocket, the first thing to consider is how realistic it is. A space toy that resembles an actual shuttle will make your child love it better than any random space toy.

Furthermore, one with realistic features would allow your child to learn more about space rocket design and control in real-time. Apart from rockets, there are other space toys. Some of which might come as an accessory for the toy rockets. This will let your child have a better image of a trip in space. Also, ensure you explain what actual astronauts use these accessories for when in space to spark imagination.

  1. Functionality

Another important factor that helps choose a good space toy is the functionality. Moreover, the more functionality a toy rocket indeed has, the more realistic it will seem. Some rocket comes with no sound and lights while others come with electronic countdowns, elevator sound, and signal lights.

The target audience of a particular toy rocket would determine what functionality the rocket has. With adequate exposure, you will discover that toy rockets for toddlers comes with no light and sound. When choosing a toy spaceship, ensure to note all the functionality it has. A toy rocket for older kids will come with more functions and this will make a realistic trip.

  1. Accessories

An increase in the number of accessories would mean more fun for your young pilots. Also, more accessories on a toy rocket would give toddlers a realistic experience. Accessories are essential as they determine the quality of fun. Most rockets do come with several accessories like a space rover, a radar, and a launching pad among others. It is no doubt that with an increase in accessories, a space toy would be higher in price. However, giving your child a feeling of fulfillment is more important than price.

  1. Warranty

Now, here’s a bit of what will interest you. You are trying to make your kids happy by getting them an expensive space toy rocket with your hard-earned money. Before making any purchase, it is important to check the warrant card. Through this, you will see if the product is worth spending a fortune on. Despite that, keep in mind that a company won’t be responsible for damages resulting from household accident. Furthermore, there would always be a regulation backing their warrant. Be sure to read it.

  1. Dimension

Considering the dimension of a toy rocket is important before making a purchase. This is to ensure you get something that is the perfect size for your child. Always check the height of your child and the size of the rocket before buying. Your child will not find a rocket that is too big or too small interesting to play with.

  1. Material Quality

In addition to dimension, the quality of material used should be another concern as you will want a durable product. Plastics are durable materials. Most toy rocket are made with plastic. Despite that, there are times when you would want to go for wood instead. Again, this depends on the age group of your child. Also ensure you confirm the type of pint used. Some paints are toxic. This can harm your child. Always go for space toys that use non-toxic paint for finishing.

  1. Weight

The weight of the product also plays an important role in your buying decision. Your child will not find playing with a massive rocket interesting as it would be difficult to lift. Also, if a massive toy falls on your kid accidentally, it could lead to injuries. When choosing a space toy, get a product that isn’t too heavy for your child.

Now, let’s look at five space toy rockets that fit into the factors to consider when choosing a space rocket.


space rocket toys for kids

  1. CP Toys Plastic Space Mission Rocket Ship

The CP Toys Plastic Space Mission Rocket Ship is one of the best space toy rocket in the market. This realistic space shuttle will give your young astronaut an imaginary yet informative journey. This toy rocket consists of three compartments which are the cockpit, the living space, and the big entrance.

This spaceship also allows your kid to take some crew members. In addition, it is relatively safe for younger kids as there are no sharp or swallow-able parts. With this rocket comes three aliens, a space car, and two astronauts. It also has an electronic countdown sound that would make your child feel like he has arrived on Mars.

  1. Four Stage Toddler Rocket Ship Playset by Hape

The Four Stage Toddler Rocket Ship Playset is another space rocket that will make your kid feel like an astronaut. The shuttle features an elevator that makes it easy for the astronauts to reach each level in the ship.

Also, your kid would love the radar, rover, and other accessories that come with the Four Stage Toddler Rocket Ship. The control compartment of this toy has a realistic design. This is to ensure your kid gets a realistic experience. They would love each journey to the moon and back. This rocket is safe for all your kids to use. This toy rocket is made of wood.

soace toy rockets

  1. DARON NASA Adventure Series

If you want a rocket that allows your child to explore every part, then you might find this one interesting. This rocket allows you to open it completely. Once opened, you will be exposing every gear and buttons present in the rocket. This space shuttle makes playing and exploration easy and interesting for your kid.

It features two windows which makes exploration even easier. Besides, this space toy comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry around.  Now, this handle doesn’t just allow you to carry the rocket. It also allows your child to fly the rocket. DARON Adventure Series also comes with a rover, to carry astronauts in space.

space toy rocket

  1. 4M 4605 Water Rocket Kit

The 4M 4605 Water Rocket Kit allows you to launch a rocket that travels about 90 feet in the air. This space rocket would give your child an amazing experience as he sees his rocket travel that high. This space toy works with water and pressure and uses a simple technique to shoot the rocket in the air. It is a simple setup that features a plastic bottle, a plastic pipe, and a connector.

This shuttle comes with a detailed instruction that makes the setup process easy. It is important to note that you will also need a bicycle pump. This isn’t present in the package.


space toy rocket

  1. Wooden Stacker Toy Space Rocket

The Wooden Stacker Toy Space Rocket is a space rocket for younger kids. It is a small and portable rocket that is made of wood. The paint used for finishing isn’t harmful. This makes the toy totally harmless to your kids. This toy is actually a kind of puzzle that keeps your little astronaut busy. This toy comes with a magnet that helps your kid keep the puzzle parts together.

After fixing the puzzle, your child will end up with the shape of a rocket. This toy also allows your kid to put astronauts in the spaceship. Your child can keep assembling the puzzle till he masters the craft of spaceship design.

In conclusion, you have a handpicked list of space toy rocket above. These toy rockets allow your child to explore the world of astronomy, learning, and having a fun-filled experience. You also have a buying guide that will let you choose wisely from the multiple space toys in the market. Nevertheless, buy any of these space toys on the list for your child. This will earn you their love as you put them on a path to achieving their dream.

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