Language learning is fast becoming a way of life, and getting kids to learn is an advantage to them. One of the growing and popularly known language for kids to understand is the French language. Therefore, some thoughtful individuals have made it possible for kids to learn French through playing games. Hence, we will be discussing the best French learning games for kids.

Parents need to know that there are various types of French learning games for kids. Hence, they should pay attention to getting the best of these games for the kids.

The good thing about these games is that, they offer varieties of benefits for the kids. They can learn the beautiful French language as well as have fun and get entertained. Your little ones also get to showcase their skills amongst friends which is thrilling for kids.

Below are some of the benefits attached to learning the French language through the use of games for kids

When a child learns the French language from the onset, it helps them do well with their academics. Also, your child will learn what it means to focus by learning the French language. Additionally, one of the most significant advantages of learning a language is that your kid gets to know a new culture. Therefore, learning about culture will expose your kids to a series of ideas that will help in the future.

Parents need to know that the French language is one of the fastest-growing languages in the world. In fact, should predictions be correct, the French language will become the most spoken language in Europe.

Additionally, your child can quickly get jobs when they have become of age. The primary reason for this is because employers now look for dual language speaking employees.

Fun and Stress-Free playing

The amount of stress faced by kids can derail them from learning faster. Therefore, with proper French learning games for kids, they can alleviate stress. By playing the game, they stay relaxed, have fun, and get rid of negative feelings.

Social Enhancement

While playing games, kids tend to interact with themselves more, and this will help them enhance their social skills. Also, it will help them know how to talk to each other as well as handle disappointments. Since kids tend to challenge themselves to be better when playing games, they get to learn more about competition. Knowing how to handle defeats, compete healthily will all help in enhancing a child’s social skills.

Finally, you can be happy that your child will fend off insomnia, stress, and feelings of depression by playing games.

Can a Child learn French Faster By Playing Games?

Yes, to that, French learning games for kids can help develop your child’s prowess for language learning. Additionally, your child’s comprehension will increase with notable results to show for it. When you teach French through video games, it helps to enhance how your child learns. Additionally, French video games will improve your child’s cognitive ability and linguistic skills.

Below are some of the best French learning games for kids

  1. Learn a Language 2 DVD Set – 6 Languages on Each DVD

french learning games for kids

With the Rock and Learn bran language learning game, your child can have fun as well as learn French. Also, the game comes with varieties of languages that will help your kid learn basic things. The game is suitable for children under the ages of 2 to 6 years old.

Additionally, children can learn a lot of things from this video game. It comes with lots of learnings like colour learning, early vocabulary, and basic household stuff. Also, children will find it easy to learn numbers one to ten in different languages, especially French.

If your child is the one to like the idea of nature, this is the game to have him or her play. It teaches nature in French and the other five languages. Also, objects and series of activities come in various languages that will help your kids.

The game comes with the option to mix and match languages with various subtitles through the menu. Parents will find this helpful at giving out instructions to kids. Also, your child can use this to prepare for ESL classes.

Finally, the game has delayed answer option, which makes it possible for kids to test their knowledge.

  1. Linguacious Award-Winning Around The Home French Flashcard Game

The very fact that this is an award-winning game makes it one of the best for your kid. It is a type of game that comes with challenging gameplay. Additionally, this is a game that comes with lots of exciting features that will readily help your child. Benefits of owning this game include learning the French language, reading, and writing.

Furthermore, your little one will find it easy to listen to people through the help of this game. The cards come in a quality and attractive design that your kids will find pleasant. Another advantage of the card is that it stays in shape even after a rugged use by the children.

Also, the flashcards have a design that allows it to pronounce words through a native language speaker. However, the game requires internet so it can provide the best possible pronunciation for the kids.

The most significant part of having this game is the entertaining features it comes with. It is fun and highly engaging for kids. Your little one can also learn colours through the REAL COLOUR PHOTOGRAPH design.

Additionally, children will learn how to pronounce 52 everyday house objects in native French. Also, your little one can learn all the basic French stuff in just a week. Finally, the most preferred French learning game on the board is the Bingo game.

  1. The Everything Kids’ Learning French Book

To introduce your kid to French learning, this is the best choice of game for you. With this game, your child can understand essential words and objects. The game offers varieties of exercises, fun, facts, and pronunciation tips that will be of help.

Additionally, the game comes with puzzles and various gaming modes that will help your kid learn fast. Simple words like “my family” becomes more comfortable for kids to pronounce in the French language. Also, describing or speaking about holidays becomes satisfied with this game. Within a short space of time, your little one will understand how to ask what time is it in French.

Furthermore, this highly entertaining game will make it easy for parents to focus on other home stuff. It is a lightweight game that makes it easy for kids to carry about. One additional advantage of this gamebook is that it comes in series. Therefore, this makes fun renewable for the kids.

Finally, you can trust the quality of the game to remain intact even after rugged use.

  1. Fun French: Language learning games for kids

french learning games for kids

What a lovely game of intelligence this is, it has open network sockets that will enable you to access networks. Additionally, the game offers double-free lessons as well as promises 14 game learning for kids. Also, your little one can enhance their French-speaking by learning through a series of exercises.

This game stands out from the rest because language experts designed it. Therefore, learning the primary French language becomes very easy for your kid. Children from toddlers to the kindergarten stage can play this game.

Furthermore, your child will learn music and become familiar with a series of cartoon artwork. Also, you can download the app for the game on your phone for easy access to the game. Entertainment will no longer be a scarce thing for children thanks to the various exercises offered by the game.

Again, the game pack is strong enough to withstand different handling of the game. Children will have access to double free language lessons to help sharpen their French language. Also, children will learn how to count numbers, know fruits, foods, and clothes in French.

Finally, children will learn how to use action words in English and French language.

  1. KLOO’s Learn to Speak French Language Board Game

french learning games for kids

The KLOO’s learn to speak French language game is one of the best in the market. Additionally, it is an award-winning game that will make it easy for your kid to learn French. The game is highly engaging, and it will entertain your kid with ease. The game doesn’t just teach French, it also teaches focus, colours and vocabulary.

Furthermore, the game offers four decks of KLOO vocabulary cards as well as pieces for board games. All of this combined will make learning French become effortless for your kid. Also, your child will find it easy to construct French sentences after playing this game for a while. Your child can learn new words through the use of the cards from the game.

Finally, the game works well for even beginners, as it has easy steps that will make it easy.


We have listed five out of the best French learning games for kids. We did this to make it easy for you to choose the right French game for your kid. The significant thing here is, your little one will love these games and have fun while learning.


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