6 Educational toys for 2 years old: A basic guide

Children learn and one of such is through educational toys. Selecting the best educational toys for 2 years old is a factor in their most preferable learning style. Although most children show the attributes of having multiple learning styles, choosing their most preferred remains the best bet. Multiple learning styles is is not an issue because most educational toys can effortlessly cater to over one learning style.

Educational toys will help your child develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically while having fun at the same time. As your child plays with these toys, they keep learning. At 2, they learn and build their foundation, and this shapes their life. This is more reason educational toys are highly recommended. Here are 6 educational toys for 2 years old

Educational toys for 2 years old

Interpersonal skills development: Building blocks

educational toys for 2 years old

Building blocks are a great way to improve the interpersonal skill development and the social skills of your child. Kids learn a lot faster when they have to interact with others in discussions and dialogues. It is followed by a series of laughter, social bonding, and brain-tasking. Therefore, this enables your kids to become socially literate and learn more by mentally exercising themselves.

Building blocks provide your two-year-old child the opportunity to excel at mental reasoning and social bond as well. In addition, your child develops strong mental skills because building blocks help to develop the motor skills and imagination of your child.

While playing, these 2years old kids share their blocks with others while verbalizing their next intention what to build. Once they detect their friends aren’t building well, they try to help. They come together to build a bigger structure compared to the small ones built individually. These are examples of ways your child develops socially. In a matter of time, they model these traits in real life.

There is various building blocks model to buy for your child. They are all top-rated products and the best bet for your two-year-old child.  Some of them include Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set , and The Block Set by Lovevery.

Logics and mathematical improvement: Puzzles games

If you have discussed with a two-year-old child before, you will agree they aren’t logical thinkers. This is not an issue because they are just building their logical reasoning at this stage. However, one way to deal with both enhancing their logical reasoning and mathematics is through the use of educational toys.

Puzzles and games are two educational games that will serve this purpose. The common phenomenon here is that toddlers develop numeracy skills and logical thinking through counting and learning toys.

There are different puzzle games: for toddlers, children, adults, additional puzzles, etc. This furthermore implies that you have to be sure that you get the puzzle for children or two tear old kids.

One great thing about puzzles and games is that they are fun. A fun but educational activity is of great importance at this stage of life of a two-year-old. A puzzle game comprises different pieces that need to be put together to get the correct arrangement or pattern or a final answer.

Children can tackle abstract problems and make calculations. They might not be accurate, but over time, they build the capacities. Examples of toys that build mathematical and logical reasoning of a child numeracy toys and STEM( Science, technology e, engineering, and mathematics.

Here are some product recommendations below: they are all top-notch and best-selling.

  1. CHIYR Wooden Expressions Matching Block Puzzles
  2. Coogam Wooden Blocks Puzzle Brain Teasers

Bodily kinesthetics: superhero costume

educational toys for 2 years old

Children can make things with their hands with the use of art and craft toys. Besides these toys, building kits are also good tools for achieving this aim. A good example of this is superhero and movie character costumes.

While acting out, children use their body language in communication, which males learn super fun as well. Educational toys that promote body aesthetics help your children promote physical development. Also, it helps to sharpen the fine motor skill bedded in their personality.

These toys are usually these around threading, lacing, mazes, manipulatives boards, etc but that is not all. Some costumes are inclined towards art while sole others are inclined towards science. Putting on those costumes make them feel like they are these characters, hence making them want to learn what these superheroes are like.

It can also get to the extent of cramming word-for-word songs, poems, or theories for which these characters are known. For example, putting on an Isaac Newton’s costume makes your two-year-old feel like Isaac Newton and says theories attributed to Isaac Newton while he was alive. This trend is mostly used in schools for dramas or presentations. This helps to sharpen the social and other art skills bedded in your child. It is a good way of revealing the hidden talents and skills your child might purpose.

Some examples of these superhero costumes in life are the following

  1. Superhero Capes for Kids
  2. Rubie’s Justice League Child’s Supergirl Tutu Dress
  3. UNGLINGA Science Kit for Kids
  4. Beelittle Kids Scientist Lab Coat Costume
  5. Melissa & Doug Scientist Role Play Costume Set

Verbal linguistics and reasoning

Alphabets toys are usually wooden or alphabet letters. They are good tools to enhance the verbal linguistics and verbal reasoning of your two-year-old ward. However, these are not the only toys that can serve this purpose, there are other examples as well.

Some of these examples include activity books, word games, puzzles, picture books, etc. As early as two years of age, a child has learned spoken words and languages even though they aren’t fluent at this stage.

Most of them enjoy reading books, listening to poetry and story tales plus making up stories. This is because they find it very easy to memorize at this stage. Instead of making learning a boring process that can make your child lose interest easily, you can spice it up with these toys.

These toys are education and fin-giving as well. A sister example of alphabet toys is word games toys. They both help to improve oral and written linguistic learning. They help them improve it at their early stages, which is the best option. Some examples include Alphabet Robots Toys for Kids, Bilingual Learning Toys for Toddlers Kids, and VTech Alphabet Apple.

Music toys

educational toys for 2 years old

The essence of musical toys is straightforward and cannot be overemphasized. Learning about them as early as two years is an excellent investment for their future. Most of these toy sizes are just the same as the real ones but with minimal functionalities and purpose.

Children are sensitive to music, sound, and rhythm and they will relate well to musical toys. Some of these games include sound recorders, mix and match sound games, audio games, instrument toys, and telephone communication games. Instruments are the most common ones, but there are a lot of other varieties. Examples of these instruments include piano, trumpet, drum set, etc.

Asides from the fun side of musical toys, music is one way a child can learn and music toys provide this flea to your child. A good example is the music toys that have recorded songs reciting the English alphabet or numerical values.

They will memorize this and will recall it later even when the music is not on, because of the high retention power. Hence, music toys serves a fun purpose and educational purpose as well. Some examples of these music toys include the following

  1. Toniebox Audio Player
  2. RenFox Upgraded Baby Musical Mats
  3. Drum Set Toddler Musical Instruments Toys for Toddlers

Visual-spacial: Crayon toys

Children learn through art skills and tasks. This is because kids, especially two years old, are very much aware of their environment and physical space. Art skills like painting, modeling, and drawing are a very good opportunity for these children to learn. Since they might not be mature enough to handle the real tools for these art skills, a toy sample would be a great option for them. That keeps them busy till they are a gesture enough to use, and at this stage, they are already used to them.

Some of these educational toys asides from crayon toys are arts and crafts, models, puzzles, construction toys, picture books, workbooks, etc. Stacking cubes and play doughs are other good alternatives. They are all good educational toys for two years old


As teachers and parents, understand that educational toys are not enough to teach, you as an adult also play a major role. Do not get us wrong! Not that educational toys aren’t effective. Your presence and involvement in a child’s play environment also facilitate a child’s learning. With your help, full awareness of the learning style of your child, and the best educational toys for 2 years old, the child efficiently learns.

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