Educational toys for 6-year-olds

educational toys for 6 year old

Education has become a very important part of life experts people usually say education is the key to success. It is important to get educational toys for 6 year old, it is like a ladder to their success. Every parent strives to give their kids the best education, and the best time to give them this education is from a tender age. In the early stage of children’s life, they understand things very fast because the brain is not stressed like the adult’s.

At the age of six, kids may be graduating from kindergarten to first grade, so their interests will also graduate with them. This transition process can be difficult in deciding the kind of toy that will capture their interest at age 6. However, if they have a strong interest in anything, they are still young and capable of devoting themselves to doing it.

A child’s passion and interest help pick the best toy that will suit them. This toy helps the kid develop artistic and creative skills when returning from school. Apart from the fact that Child gets entertained using this toy, they also develop intellectually.

Best toys for a 6-year-old

There are different types of toys for a 6-year-old kid. This article guides you on what to consider before purchasing a toy.

educational toys for 6 year old

Guess who? Board Game

This game is mostly played by kids of 6 years and above. The game has been in existence for a long time. The fascinating guess is an entertaining and cheerful board game for the whole family that encourages kids to hold a conversation. Each participant selects a mystery character and goes back and forth through an elimination process, trying to guess by answering yes or no questions.

This game is engaging and provides an excellent opportunity for children to practice reading and memorization. It also strengthens the family bond and allows them to spend quality time.

Etch a sketch

This toy is a blank canvas and pencil-free sketching that inspires infinite imagination. This toy has been amusing for kids since the 1960s. Kids use the knobs to sketch their imagination and then shake the screen to erase it, just like magic. This toy helps boost their creativity. Unlike paper, you don’t have to buy a book or eraser for them to learn.

This canvas is more economical and saves you from the mess they might create using paper. Most children will tear the paper, littering the environment once they finish it.

Rush hour

Rush hour is a self-contained game that teaches logic and critical reasoning. The game also has multi-level challenges, which range from novice to expert. This game is easy to carry around and is ideal for playing during outings or trips. This game mostly comes in about 40 pieces, and every piece has its unique use. Every piece must be kept proper because it can’t be purchased piece by piece.

The parent should help the kids pack up after every game because children can be very careless. The game is packed in a portable cartoon for easy movement. It is best for ages 5 and 6.

educational toys for 6 year old

Crankity Brainteaser

This puzzle is an excellent educational toys for 6-year old since it fosters problem-solving and focuses. At this age, a child can think faster and focus more on what he is doing than in previous years. At age 6, a kid is beginning to add up numbers, which is a problem-solving situation in school not too different from the game. The goal is to put together the puzzle with the red gear and yellow wheel without moving them. This puzzle can still be played even when the child is above six.

educational toys for 6 year old

Walkie talkie for kids

This walkie-talkie enlightens your 6-year-old kid that you can communicate with someone that is not with you at a particular moment. It makes them appreciate the advancement of technology because a lot of 6-year-old today know about phones. However, many of them do not know about this toy, and it will be fun for them to try something rear. With this, they can stay in different rooms and communicate.

This toy can stimulate their interest in science because they will be curious about how it is made and how they can make or develop something better.

Light Up Tracing Board

This toy is best for a child who has an interest in art. This toy set contains ten sheets of paper and 12 colored pencils. No special paper is needed whenever the paper or color is exhausted. You can use any white paper on the pad. Knowing where your Child’s interest lies is important because children who have no interest in art won’t find this toy educational or entertaining.

All the same, those who love art will develop their creativity and still have fun using it. This toy can be anywhere and also portable to be carried around.

educational toys for 6 year old

Sequence for Kids

This game is played by 2 to 4 players. Sequence is also an opportunity for kids to learn how to play and associate with one another. This game helps develop children’s reasoning since one person does not play it; every Child wants to be a winner. It also helps them get familiar with different kinds of animals. As they play together, they will learn better and faster from each other. The game is very entertaining that there happens to be a version for adults who have mastered this one.

educational toys for 6 year old

Dragon Loves Tacos

Unlike those mentioned earlier, this is a book. At the age of 6, kids are being thought how to read in school, but teachers alone cannot be left to impart knowledge. The kids may not be able to read properly but looking at the images gives them an idea of the words. The pictures are what amuse the kids more. As they look at the pictures, they ask to know what it is, and once they are told, it easily sticks to their brain.

Most of these stories are just fiction, but the aim is to help the child develop their reading skills.

Let’s Play

Like the dragon loves tacos, let’s play is also a book. This book is humorous and instructs the child on emotion and following the rules with just a single yellow dot. This game will make the child focus and think critically before taking the next step. The adventurous dot wiggles, push, and jumps off the page is an excellent and interactive story. This game is fun and helps the kid learn how to read better and develop their problem-solving techniques. The game is suitable for kids ages 6-8.

educational toys for 6 year old

Leapfrog Rocket Twist

This game is an educational handheld device that already has 12 games installed on it. This game does not need any access to the internet for it to work. It has a battery that takes hours for the kid to play and enjoy the game. The child can grow virtual Rocket Pets from eggs to adulthood, which is both educational and fun. This game gives the child a biological idea of how animals grow, for instance, how a chicken develops from an egg to a chick.

The game has a different button but also comes with a manual that will guide the child on how to use it. It also teaches a kid how some animals walk. These are suitable for the family’s gamers.

The 50 Statess

This book is one of the best educational toys for 6 year old who stay in the U.S.A. It is an excellent gift for a kid that wants to know more about the country they are staying. It is beautifully written and has a detailed diagram of the states in the U.S. it can be useful to kids outside the country too because it gives them an idea of what the country is like.

This book can keep the young mind busy for hours because they keep imagining what these states are like.



At 6, children still have young minds; they can still be easily distracted or get bored if they don’t find the toy interesting. Lots of parents believe that at that age, a child no longer needs a toy because they are no longer in kindergarten. However, this is not true because, at this age, the child is not mature enough to explore their talents using other means. Most of these educational toys for 6 year old can be used by kids even when they are grown.

Another thing you should consider when picking a toy is the gender of the Child, unlike male females like something feminine, with bright colors that they can happily tell their friends about without looking off. They should also have adult supervision while using the toys since most games have about two players. They may end up disagreeing if any of the children feels cheated.

Some of these toys may not be gotten from local stores or supermarkets, making parents reluctant to buy. Many people believe that online goods are expensive, which is not true; they are usually cheaper than those on the market. We believe that the young ones are the leaders of tomorrow. The time to impart on this leader is now.

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