10 Best Educational toys for 5-year-old

Knowing the best educational toys for 5 year old is often challenging. However, age consideration is necessary before purchasing an educational toy for a child. Educational toys make learning fun and enjoyable. It makes kids anxious to learn more and happily. It helps understand numbers and letters without stress. At age 5, many kids do not know how to spell, read or pronounce words. These toys are important because it helps in children’s physical, mental, social, and emotional development.

Many parents do not see the need for an educational toy because, to them, it is like every other toy. They see the toy as a distraction for kids to keep them busy, so they don’t cry or disturb.

Moreso, educational toys help develop the child’s brain and mind, making them more creative. Knowing the preference and interests of the child also matters because this differs among kids. Some kids are attracted to games because of the color, light, or shapes. Knowing the kids’ interests helps make a better choice in purchasing educational toys.

Types of educational toys for 5-year-old

There are different types of toys. The type to purchase may be complex, but this article will give you an idea of what to purchase.

Kess light up drop dot balls

Usually, the basic and simple-looking toys are more exciting for the kids. The kess light-up drop dot ball is less expensive compared to the kind of joy it gives the child and the impact it will have on the child. Kids can stay for hours on this toy as they learn from it and play with it. They enjoy throwing, catching, and bouncing, which makes it enjoyable for them.

However, this toy is durable, simple, and an excellent sensory toy. This toy can be easily purchased online.

educational toys for 5 year old

Magnetic tiles construction sets

This construction set for kids is one of the most demanded toys by the child and parents. This toy is usually for kids within the age range of 5-6. The toy is colorful and has different shapes, which helps the kids be more creative. This toy helps them in color and shape recognition. It comes in different pieces, and the child constructs something out using each piece.

It usually has a bag where the shapes are stored, so they don’t quickly get missing. The set of this construction tiles contains 25 pieces’ triangles and 25  pieces’ square. The toy should be appropriately packed after every game because construction may be impossible if the piece goes missing.

This toy can be bought in a supermarket, online, or a market store. Easily accessible worldwide.

Lego city space mars research shuttle

This kit makes children feel they have understood the planets. It builds their knowledge of geography without them realizing it until they get to adulthood. Before the age of 5, most kids play with Duplo Lego blocks, then at the age of 5, they start to play with the genuine Lego kit.

Using the direction on the kit, they can cr eate a set of mars shuttle that will develop their curiosity and interest. This interest makes them want to understand space and astrology better. This toy helps their development both physically and mentally.

educational toys for 5 year old

Seckton kids selfie camera

Allow your kids to explore nature using photography by providing their camera. This camera contains an audio and video recorder, an auto-focus, a double camera for selfies, and beautiful and entertaining photo frames. Seckeon Kids camera is small and portable and can easily be carried by kids anywhere.

This camera also develops the child’s interest in photography and nature. Subconsciously children develop an interest in things they play with. When taking selfies, they tend to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings.

Jumbo book of hidden pictures

This book is entertaining and is used by many children worldwide, and this book makes ages 4-5 an interesting age to be. Get your kid this educating and exciting book for your kid when it’s time for some quiet and alone activity. This book contains more than 250 puzzles and various amusing scenarios that keep children entertained.

The fun part of the book is that the kids have to search and find things like food, animals, cars, etc. This book helps the child intellectually because it makes them concentrate and think smart. Suppose you have a 5-year-old that hasn’t gotten one; it is good to get for them. The book is easily gotten anywhere around the world so it makes the list as one of the most popular educational toys for 5 year old.

educational toys for 5 year old

Uno card game

This game card is popular and exciting even at the family level and makes your kid feel like one of the big kids in the neighborhood. It is more educating when this is your child’s first card game. As they interchange brightly colored cards helps them understand and improve their math practices. This toy keeps your kid busy and entertained for an extended period.

This card helps children think outside the box. It gives them problem-solving ideas, which will be instrumental to them in the future. Suitable for 5-year-old kids.

educational toys for 5 year old

Rocket launcher toy set

This toy is also one of the best entertaining, educational toys for 5 year old. It is affordable and ideal for kids interested in science and technology and usually curious about things. This toy is best played in an open space, like outside the house or in parks, because they may destroy things if played inside.

The favorite part of this for the kid is when they jump on it or aim the launcher towards its target. The set is made of plastic and foam, so they are safe for the kids even without a guardian; it won’t get them injured.

As children grow older and outgrow the age of this toy, the toy can be kept and packaged for their younger ones. Aside from the fact that it will help you in saving against next time, it will also help the younger generation experience the fun.

educational toys for 5 year old

Calculator cash register for kids

This toy is suitable for kids between the ages of 4-5. Kids who use this toy pretend to play and learn about numbers and money. It has a solar-powered calculator and contains money and a coin drawer. In addition to the numbers and monetary part, it is also entertaining for the kids. This toy keeps the child busy and away from destruction.

This kit contains 73 pieces; it also makes the kids familiar with calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Every piece of this kit is essential because the game may not be fun and complete if a piece is missing.

Squigz for children

This type of toy is popular in many homes around the world. This toy is also one of the most commendable educational toys for 5 year old and above and with different interests. The toy is small and well packaged, enabling children to take it along wherever they are.

This game helps the children to develop their intellect. When they get dirty or stick to dirt, they can be washed when necessary.

educational toys for 5 year old

The dough DIY mix

The dough DIY mix is a great toy to pick for your kid. It is classy, and this kit allows children to produce playdough. It is usually available in six varieties of colors. Typically, colors capture the attention of kids. It is produced with natural and plant materials, making it safe for kids to play with.

To make a dough, you will combine oil and water. However, it does not necessarily need the use of heat. The kids pretend to be chefs or scientists, which makes the game fun because they participate in something different from their usual routine. This toy helps to improve their creative talents and spend quality time with their parents.

When using this toy, the parent or guardian should be able to supervise the kids, so they don’t make a mess. This game also enlightens them on science and home economics as they grow older. Most of this knowledge will greatly assist them as they become adults.


It has become known that the best time to impart knowledge is early in a child’s life. At age 5, a child’s brain can easily comprehend and understand things. This is why an educational toy is essential for them. This toy helps them to learn without them even realizing they are learning. Kids need something fun, unlike adults who just read to understand.

Kids can’t read, so they need something that will interest them, keep them busy, and teach them about education at their age. Many parents and guardians do not see the necessity of these toys for their kids. This only happens because they do not know the impact of it. Many say I didn’t get to play with them, and I am still doing okay. You may not have played with this type, but you may have had a different type that is locally made without you realizing it was also a toy.

Most of the time, you look at these toys as expensive commodities. Nevertheless, there is always a type of toy for your budget.






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