Kids soccer sets are specifically designed to train little kids, aspiring to be athletes, to play soccer games. It helps them build a fundamental skill for sporting and at the same time, help them have fun. These sets can be used indoor and outdoor. It is perfect for a first-time athlete that is interested and wants to learn how to play soccer. Soccer set is easy to assemble, durable and simple to set up. Therefore, it can be set up in a park, beach, field, backyard and even inside your home.

More so, these sets control flat shots and promote dual training. Sometimes kids can use them for soccer sport in the schoolyard; sports teachers used them for soccer training. It is highly recommended if your kid loves soccer.

How to buy the best soccer set for your kid

Suppose you want to buy your kid a soccer set and do not know how to go about it. Here are things should check out for.

  • Durability: a good soccer set should have a durable construction. it would make practising shot fun and very easy for your kids
  • Portable and mobile: soccer sets should have been easy for kids to set up and takedown. They should also be able to move it around without so much stress. More so, having a fibreglass and steel construction should work.
  • Stability: when you want to get kids soccer set, you should consider the ones with tie-down ground stakes. These accessories would make it firm to the ground and stable.
  • Simplicity: any soccer set that would make kids just get frustrated before they have fun is not too good. Kids soccer set should be simple. They should also be able to use it anywhere. It should be easy to assemble.

kids soccer sets

Benefits of kids soccer set

Kids soccer set doesn’t have so much history, but kids get to discover their talents and develop it by using these sets from childhood. Some dream to become footballers, aspire and get their dreams achieved. Some others find it fun and relax with. Another is a kid who chooses to play soccer as a way to keep fit. Some of the benefits you need to know are below.

      i.        Fitness and health

Kids soccer set helps improve kids fitness and health because it requires a lot of movement while using it. Even the goalkeeper has to move. These movements surely make kids fit and improve their physical health, cardiovascular health, flexibility, coordination and strength.


     ii.        Teamwork

Soccer set requires more than one person to play. It encourages teamwork, which is an essential life skill your kids need to develop. Working with a team has a positive impact on school, family and even work in the nearest future. Teamwork also helps them learn to lead and lose gracefully. At some point in these kids’ lives, they get to lead; nobody wants to be on the backside forever.

Apart from leadership, they get to learn how to handle responsibility. If a goalkeeper slacks, every team member suffers for it.


   iii.        Fun

Kids get bored quickly. They usually need something to keep them busy and occupied. You do not need to wander too far; kids’ soccer set would keep them entertained. It is so much fun! It gets them to exercise their bodies and stay healthy. Kids should learn healthy habit early.


   iv.        Self-esteem

Buying kids soccer set would improve your kid’s mood and self-esteem. As recommended by the world health organization, kids should get at least 60 minutes of exercise every day. The fact proves that exercise improves self-esteem and mood. When kids start playing soccer games, they want to be able to score a goal. When they can score a goal, they are happy that they are better off some other kids at something. This way, their mood gets to brighten, and they are proud of themselves.


     v.        Mental health and socialization

With soccer sets, your kids do not lose out on improving their mental health. It helps them develop their motor skill. These sets also help them to socialize better.

Best kids soccer set

You want your kid to be a Christiano Ronaldo, but you don’t know the best kids’ soccer set to get. There are so many options so that it might be quite difficult. To make things much easier, we have filtered options available and come up with fair reviews of top-rated training soccer sets. In the review below, sizes, models, and makes are covered. Below are seven kids soccer set you can get.

kids soccer sets

1.     EliteGo Portable goal

This portable soccer goal is a brand of Stella product. It is wonderful for practising hard strikes and long lobs. This soccer is portable and very rugged. Its net is very strong and would take whatever strike without the risk of tearing. EliteGo portable goal frame is made from heavy-duty fibreglass poles; there are no risks of having a bent goal post or broken structure.

Furthermore, they are designed to be easily set up. Are you curious about the size? You do not have to worry; its size is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. For holding down the post to the ground, they are the provision of 8 stainless steel pegs. It would prevent kneeling over and keep it firm and secure.

2.    Step2 Kickback Goal

This soccer is multipurpose. It is a combination of football and hockey together, perfect for both team and solo play. It works for hockey training and football training. At the back of the net, there is a pitch for practising baseball. Its nettings are durable, thereby encouraging a long-lasting performance.

It also comes with two hockey sticks, a back pitch ball, soccer ball and a puck.

3.    Dimple excel soccer Goal

This soccer set is perfect for kids who want to be Ronaldo. This soccer set is awesomely flexible, portable, and lightweight. Its lightweight makes setting up and folding so much easier. Also, they can be easily moved by your kids. They are made from durable Dacron material. Its frame is 8mm fibreglass, has the strength of steel but remains light.

This set comes with a water-resistant bag to carry them for easier mobility.

kids soccer sets

4.    CSG Deluxe Soccer Goal

This set is perfect for kids within 5 and above. The net has a wide, ample space to score, and all necessary accessories have been provided. You don’t have to check other stores for accessories anymore. All you need is a field. It works for outdoor and indoor use. This set has two 4 feet wide goals, which are light weighted and portable. They can be used anywhere and with whomever.

Soccer ball, needle, air pump, shin guards are all provided in the set. It has a convenient carrying handle. Your kids do not necessarily need tools to set it up. The soccer set teaches kids, coordination and motor skills. It is a must-have.

5.    Gaier Kids Soccer goals

it is soccer set from gaier. They are constructed with galvanized steel and a durable net. It is for indoor and outdoor use, depending on your choice. They have extra fasteners, that help you snap into a place. It can be assembled and dissembled easily. After dissembling, they can be packed in a portable storage bag. Frames are durable and stable; you do not have to worry when you kick too hard. The nests can stand in whatever weather and all-round the year. You are not making a mistake if you plan on buying this one.

6.    Franklin Sports kids goal

These soccer sets are for kids that are above 3 years. Its size is perfect for outdoor and indoor play. It encourages instant set up and pack up. They are easy to set up and move about. These soccer set come with an inflation pump and a soccer ball. When these accessories are used to together, targeting is easier and safer. Mind you; they are not suitable for older kids because of their size.

kids soccer sets

7.    Morvat premium soccer set

This set is recommended for toddlers and older kids. Metal spikes, soccer balls, pump and more are included. Its sturdy and hard-wearing construction offers long-lasting fun. They are made from durable materials. You do not need tools to assemble your soccer set. Your kids can even do that themselves in no time. Also, there are no other expenses for accessories like soccer balls, pumps. You don’t have to get them separately; they have been included in your soccer set.

With these reviews, you are covered, the best kids soccer set is guaranteed.



With so little effort and expense, you can help your kid develop, learn, train, exercise, and have fun at the same time. You do not have to stress about how to keep your kids occupied and entertained. Kids soccer set could do a great job for you.




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