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number tracing

Mastering how to write takes a long time and practice when it comes to kids. It’s no secret that the learning process can be frustrating. It takes time to gain control over the arms, hands, and finger movements which are required for kids to form numbers and letters. That brings us to the number tracing board for kids.


Your kids can learn to practice how to write in no time with number tracing toys for kids. These educational tools often come in tracing boards and booklets. But today our focus will be on the tracing board. It serves as the first learning stage to help kids write, recognize letters and alphabets. Also, it aids in the development of their motor skills, hand-eye coordination.


Apart from that, number tracing allows kids to learn the rudiment of geometrics from the early stage of their lives. Some of these learning tools are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) oriented. Without further ado, here are some of the best number tracing toys you should try out.

number tracing

BLUE GINKGO Number Tracing Board – Double-Sided Wooden Montessori Math Board

Blue Ginkgo-manufactured number tracing for kids. It is ideal for kids between the ages of 3 years up. The number tracing is a Montessori-inspired math board is designed for preschool-aged kids. It is considered interactive and fun.


With the educational tool, kids can develop math skills real quick. It allows kids to trace numbers and sort out games. The board is crafted with wood and double-sided. There are 0 to 9 engraved in the front. While you will see 1 to 10 in the back.


It helps kids develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The Blue Ginkgo product is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) oriented and allows sensory activities.


In addition, it is a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, and even Christmas. In a nutshell, the educational tool is beautifully crafted with high-quality material and will stand the test of time.

Motlan Montessori Wooden Alphabet & Numbers Tracing Board

The next one is manufactured by Motlan Inc. It helps kids learn how to form letters and numbers on their own. With the educational tool, kids can recognize and correlate the practice of the alphabet to words.

The wooden alphabet is ideal for the development of cognitive skills at a tender age. It strengthens their arms, wrist, and the muscles of their hands. The educational tool also helps kids to develop dexterity.

Moreso, the number tracing provides a multi-sensory experience for kids in preschool. It allows kids to use their hands, fingers, and attached pen to practice tracing shapes and numbers. That is made easy with the help of directional arrows. It enhances fine motor skills in kids. The Motlan product is crafted with high-quality wooden material. It is considered safe and non-toxic. The two learning boards are durable and crafted with the safety of your little ones in mind.


number tracing

Hulats Montessori Wooden Alphabet Tracing Board & Number Tracing Board

The Owl Village-manufactured educational tool helps kids between the ages of 3 up. It helps your kids recognize shapes, numbers, and alphabets.


A lot of wooden alphabets/numbers tracing boards have sharp edges, splinters, and small fonts. But the Hulats number tracing boards are nothing like that. It has extra-large letters and rounded edges that make it safe. Indeed, number/alphabet tracing is made easy with the board.


The board builds confidence in kids when tracing letters and numbers. Not just that, your little ones get to do all that in a more structured and fun way. It enhances their motor skills and how they grip pencils.


Furthermore, the tracing board is with wooden material. Hulats Montessori board is durable and can be considered as heirloom quality.

JETM·HH Number Tracing Board

JetTM HH-manufactured educational tool help with the enhancement of handwriting. It also helps kids with reading, spelling, sight words, and even letter recognition. The wooden board is best described as a sensory tactile learning toy for kids.


Also, it is double-sided, and that means twice the fun. There is an alphabet on one side and a pattern on the other. It is handy and portable. Easy to carry anywhere you go.


The tracing board improves hand-eye coordination and concentration skills. It is a perfect gift for kids during holidays, birthdays, and even Christmas. It is 100% non-toxic and safe to have around your kids.


number tracing

Aitbay Cool Math Game, Frog Balance Counting Toys for Boys & Girls

Aitbay-manufactured number tracing for kids is green-colored. It is ideal for kids between the ages of 3 up. The number tracing helps kids with math counting. It comes in a cute frog shape and can stimulate curiosity in your kids. Not only that, it enhances your child’s interest throughout the entire interaction process. The number tracing tool is considered a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) toy.


The frog balance toy is the ideal teaching tool for teachers, parents, and families. When you decide on the number tracing for kids, it fosters and reinforces multi-dimensional learning at school, nursery, and even in your home. It is gender-neutral, which makes it perfect for boys and girls to make the most of it.


Additionally, the Aitbay product is crafted with top ABS material. That makes it tasteless, secure, non-toxic, and safe to have around your kids. The learning toy does not have burrs. It is durable and can stand the test of time. Its rich color will improve cognitive ability in your kids. In the package, you will find the following accessories:

  • 30 X double-sided cards
  • 19 X small frog figurines
  • 1-10 digital modal
  • 2 X weighing plates
  • 1 X frog scale
  • 1 X base
  • An instructional manual

Montessori & Me Wood Number Tracing Board

With the educational toy, your kids stand a chance to practice proper number and shape formation. It also helps in developing their writing and mathematics skills. The number tracing board comes in a solid wooden board. Your little ones can make use of their fingers to learn how to trace shapes. Older kids are not left out. Those that are ready for handwriting can utilize the wooden stylus that comes with the package. The pen-shaped learning instrument will also enhance the strength of their hand and finger.


One thing parents need to know is that the Montessori approach identifies that a child’s potential for learning is at its best when tactile and multisensory tools are available. It’s safe to say that the number tracing tool focuses on this idea by aiding kids to develop visual memory. It also helps them train their muscles in the hand till the proper shape formation is actualized.


Furthermore, the number tracing tool is double-sided. While one side has been shaped to introduce kids to math and geometry. The other side features numbers 0 to 9 to assist kids in the development of math and writing. Also, it is considered durable, eco-friendly, and thick. All these features make it safe to have around your kids.


number tracing

Montessori Wooden Number Tracing Board

The learning tool is manufactured by Gersoniel. It allows kids to practice proper numbers and letter formation. Gersoniel-manufactured number tracing board also aids writing skills. It also stimulates their creativity and imagination.


It has a double-sided design. One side features basic geometrics printed letters or numbers. While the other has basic geometrics. When you decide on the educational toy, you will be accessible toddlers writing tools like:

  • A wooden tracing board
  • A piece of exercise book
  • ONE piece of hand muscle developer
  • A piece of pen shell
  • 6 X pieces of refills

Alphabet Tracing Board – Wooden Montessori Toys – Double Sided Wooden

The last on the list is manufactured by N/C. It enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and handwriting in kids. Also, it helps in the control of hand movement and muscle memory. Like the previous ones, the number tracing tool is double-sided. It allows kids to trace and learn how to write in upper and lower case.


When you pay close attention, you will realize that each letter has a direction arrow that helps correct the stroke order. These directions help kids see where they should start each line and direction. It is suitable for kids between the ages of 3 up.


Additionally, the wooden learning tool is crafted with high-quality danish beech wood. The alphabet tracing board is hand-polished with non-toxic testing and approved varnish. It’s safe to say the number tracing tool is safe to have around your kids.


Conclusion – Deciding on the Best Number Tracing Board

It’s no secret that the number tracing board plays a significant role in helping your little ones get started with learning how to write, recognize letters, and numbers. From everything we have said, it’s obvious it has other developmental benefits for kids. That includes enhancing cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination.


However, it is paramount that you decide on the best number tracing board money can buy. And that revolves around paying close attention to production material, durability, educational benefits, and other crucial factors.








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