While growing up, most of us have once dreamt of owning a car. We did this not because a car possession is a must, but because the wheels, steering, and vehicle movement thrill us. How could an inanimate item move this fast and perform many functions? We thought in our heads. What an experience! Our dreams looked impossible, so we improvised by transferring this love to vehicle toys. That was our answer then! Now there are monster truck toys for kids to enjoy.


The scenario painted above is how kids feel. Generally, kids are fascinated by a vehicle toy because it gives them the ownership right over a property. Beyond this, it gives them the fulfilment of owning something tangible and being in control. Of all vehicle toys available, the most sought-after is Monster Truck Toys. One may then wonder why, of all toys, would a frightening imaginary creature toy interest anyone?


The answer: Kids love monster truck toys because they are strong, durable, and sturdy, just like a real truck. There are other vehicles, but monster truck toys for kids appear to be the most powerful and rugged. Let us quickly take a quick trip down to the history of these toys.


The producers named the monster truck toy after the monster truck vehicle. It is a

specialized truck with a heavy-duty suspension, four-wheel steering, and huge tires. In the 1980s, people used monster trucks in competitions like tractor pulling, mud racing, and car-crushing demonstrations. The goal is to show the ruggedness and durability of the truck. The word, monster, is merely to show its size. The toy signifies strength, resilience, and bravery. Hence, kids love to own one, so they can be associated with these qualities. Although young boys are mostly interested in vehicle toys, girls also have a connection in them. The obsession with truck toys is what researchers call extremely intense interests. It is a condition that makes children show an intense, passionate interest in a particular object or activity. It starts as early as 18 months, so it is not surprising to see toddlers devoting their time to toys.


The next question is: Are these toys beneficial for kids?

Benefits of Monster Truck Toys for Kids

  1. Sensory Development:​ Playing with truck toys engage the sensory nerves of children. Kids interact with toys by holding them, moving and directing their movement, increasing and decreasing the speed, and hearing the sounds. These things challenge their brain and help them perceive things better.
  2. Portable:​ Kids love trucks in real life. They can not get close to it, so they get satisfaction from their truck toys. They are small enough to fit their hands, and sometimes, they put it in their pockets before going about their activities.
  3. Problem-solving:​ Trucks teach kids problem-solving skills. For example, when it becomes difficult for the truck to move, kids will be forced to think of a way out. It compels them to think critically about the current situation and solution. If you observe well, they (kids) are usually engrossed in their toys. They hardly ask you to fix them.
  4. Motor skills:​ As they watch trucks, hold them, direct their movement, carry them, it develops their hand-eye combination. As a result, they can effectively hold and work with items like a pencil, scissors, and paintbrush.
  5. Knowledge:​ Monster Truck helps students develop their literacy skills. They learn the different parts of a vehicle and its functions unconsciously while having fun.
  6. Creativity:​ Trucks challenge kids’ ability to innovate new things. To aid their imagination, they create different scenarios that revolve around the toys. For instance, they may imagine a truck driver who is on a mission to rescue his family, and so needs to speed up to save them on time.


Undoubtedly, truck toys have a lot more benefits than just a toy. They develop the psychology, physiology, and emotions of kids. With all that said, how do you determine the best monster truck toys for your child? Below are the different monster trucks for kids based on gender and different ages.

monster trucks for kids

1. NQD Remote Control Monster Truck

This toy is a 2021 version of the truck. It is an electric toy with a pound of 3.24, making it easy for kids to carry. For an extended period of enjoyment, the truck comes with a 7.2V 1200mAH rechargeable battery and a USB charger, making it one of the best you can get around. Its perfect body structure and wheels allow it to move on different terrains like beaches, mountains, mud, and grass. It has a shock absorber which makes it stable during a crash. There is also a remote controller of 2.4 GHz frequency to control its movement and speed. The truck toy is suitable for boys between 3 – 8. You can get the remote control monster truck here.

2. Light Up Monster Truck

This is a perfect toy for toddlers (both genders). The truck has two sets of six-inch monster trucks in four colour schemes – red, yellow, blue, and black. It is aesthetically designed with attractive, flashing multi color LE​D tires; thus, it naturally attracts kids. The truck enforces kids self-reliance through its easy-set-up style. The toy also comes with extra batteries to extend its entertainment life, and it is equipped with a classic friction motor that keeps its speed and movement under check. It is a bit expensive, but If you are not satisfied with the product, there is a 100% seamless money-back guarantee. Check the Light Up Monster Truck her​e. This is on of the best monster truck toys for kids.


3. Shark Chomper Monster Truck

Shark toy opens and closes its mouth as it sits back on its hind wheels. It is proper for teenagers and kids. Although it does not come with an extra battery, it is powered by 3 AA batteries. Its automatic motorized engine provides the power necessary to pop wheelies and to rev noises like a real truck. The shark truck lights up as it moves along different terrains with its intimidating over-sized tires. The body structure is plastic-made, making it safe for kids to operate. The toy is one of the top-rated in the market.

4. IMDEN Remote control Monster Trucks

This truck levels up to the age of teenagers. Full of great features, the truck offers a good balance for its price, quality, and performance. It is easy to manoeuvre at high speed, and its big strong wheels with spikes allow it to move on any terrain easily. It can exceed 30 miles per hour, but you will need frequent charging to enjoy more of it. Plus, it comes with two extra batteries for another 20 – 30 minutes of entertainment. It has a bumper to protect it against crashes. It boasts of highly responsive steering and throttle. The four wheels comprise bouncing spring materials that support unexpected tumble and make it handle bumps and hills well. The Imden Remote Control Truck package includes a USB charger, a remote control, two 850mah rechargeable batteries, three 1.5V AA batteries, and a user manual.

monster trucks for kids

5. Mobius Monster Truck playset

This is for children between 3 months and two years. With a generous offer of two trucks and two toy animals, this is a great offer for its price. The tw​o tiger​ and rhinoceros trucks give kids an immersive wildlife experience as they roar and bellow with blazing red eyes blaze in red. The truck promises turbo Friction Power that reaches Dynamite Speeds with no fear of it jamming. It is made with a push and goes mechanism, paving an easy way for toddlers to operate and have continuous playtime. Its street art graffiti design foregrounds its aesthetic. It also comes with extra batteries. The toys are environment-friendly, non-toxic, lead-free, high-quality, durable materials that will withstand countless hours of playing indoors and outdoors, as well as keep the kids safe. You can get them her​e.

6. Girlmazing BigFoot Jeep

This is an amazing truck for girls over three years of age. The truck combines individuality with fun with its adjustable seat for different sized dolls. This feature looks like something to which young girls can relate. The Girlmazing BigFoot Jeep is equipped with durable wheels for a seamless ride on most terrains comfortably but requires 4 AA batteries to full operation. It also tends to be slower on carpets. It comes with non-restricted glamour decor Stickers, allowing young girls to be creative about the placement. If you are buying more than one, know that the remote control has the same frequency, so it becomes difficult to simultaneously control two truck​s.​



The best moment for kids to learn is when they are younger, and one of the ways to learn the world faster is through toys. They are make-believe items made to improvise the rea lifestyles. Monster Truck is one of the toys that develop a child’s cognitive skills, mental skills and psychomotor skills. Make the best decision for your kids by choosing a monster truck toy or two without breaking a bank. With the list and benefits outlined in this article, there will not be a hard time choosing the right one.



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